Men Over 40 – How To Look Better As You Age

Intermittent Fasting, Men Over 40

This post is based on this one by Blackdragon, and will help you to improve with age, which is the polar opposite of what most of your competition is currently doing.

Whilst his focus is on getting laid, my focus will simply be on maximising your appearance as you age.

Men Over 40 who look worse as they age tend to suffer in terms of self-esteem, health and life in general. Whilst your appearance is no guarantor of good health, the two tend to go hand-in-hand. Fail to give your health enough attention, and you tend to fail with your appearance too.

Contrasting this to Men Over 40 who look better with age, or simply manage to maintain a good appearance into their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, they tend to feel even better about themselves than they already do. This effect is compounded when they see the rest of their peers gaining beer bellies, flabby faces, and dressing poorly.

Look at Hugh Jackman. Look at Daniel Craig. Look at Brad Pitt (in his 40’s).

Men Over 40

How To Look Better With Age

Most men get a stable career; something that pays well enough for them to be comfortable, and then once they achieve this, they settle down. Settling down makes them too comfortable, and they almost always gain weight. They pay less attention to the gym, their fashion and grooming, and in five years time, they look terrible.

Here’s how to reverse the usual process and get better with age:

Number One: Start Intermittent Fasting & Have 1-2 Black Coffees In The Morning

The biggest cause of older men looking worse is, as you guessed, weight gain. Fat gain. You need to lose the fat, and do so sustainably. To make it sustainable, you’ve got to make it easy and somewhat enjoyable to eat at calorie deficit.

If eating at a calorie deficit makes you miserable, then guess what?

You won’t sustain it for very long.

The fastest way to make yourself miserable on a diet is to starve yourself, go zero carb, and never allow yourself any resemblance of a social life. Extremes don’t last very long.

Intermittent Fasting makes it as enjoyable as it can be because you’re eating more calories in a condensed space of time; ideally the evening, which covers your ass socially. With friends, family, women, other social events, you’re covered because you should have about 50% of your calories remaining for the evening.

Makes sense? Good.

But what about the morning? Well that’s when you have your 1-2 cups of coffee or green tea. This blunts hunger, increases your metabolic rate, and makes your life easier.

Okay cool, but surely zero carbs burns more fat?

It can do. But remember that you aren’t going to be zero-carb for very long in a carb-filled world. It’s not sustainable. Furthermore, I’d argue that high protein diets are what really ‘burn the fat’, as opposed to eliminating carbs, due to the thermic effect of digesting protein.

Now, whilst I advocate allowing yourself some carbs, I mean this statement in the literal sense. I don’t mean junk food, as that’s merely a subset within the MACROnutrient of carbs. I mean you should allow yourself to eat potatoes (with herbs & garlic), rice, sweet potatoes, bananas, apples and green veggies. Cutting out these great foods makes no sense to me, and it’s completely unnecessary. All it does is render your diet instantly unsustainable.

Start fasting. Have morning coffees. Have some ‘clean’ carbs later in the evening. Don’t completely eliminate any fun or social activities. Allow yourself to have 1-3 drinks occasionally.

Number Two: Be Ruthless With Your Weight Training

Men Over 40 do NOT want to be elevating cortisol too much if fat loss and muscle gain/retention is important to them.

Blackdragon recommends exercising at least every 48 hours, so 3-4 times per week. That’s fine, as long as you’re not going overboard during each training session with total training volume, and/or total cardio performed.

Here’s my recommendations:

Lift weights 2-3 times per week, training your full body every time, with 90% of your training time focusing on the compound movements.

Perform a total of 8-12 heavy, working sets per muscle group per week, and you will avoid burnout. Spread these sets out evenly across your 2-3 training sessions each week.

Combine this with 2-3 short cardio sessions of 20 minutes, and you’re golden. One or two of these may be performed on separate days to weight training, to ensure that you get enough frequency of exercise in.

Number Three: Get A New Wardrobe

Now I’m no fashion guru, but this is something I’ve recently done myself, and it makes a hell of a difference. Certain styles do come and go, and your wardrobe will need updating from time to time.

But the basics are to make sure that you have clothes that are current, fit you well, and are good colour combinations.

All clothes look better on your when you’re lean and muscular. Having said this, you still need to optimise the fit to really show off your strongest areas.

My go-to guy in this department is Well-Built Style.

Number Four: Get On TRT

I won’t go into detail on the benefits of TRT in this post, but beware that once you’re past age 25 or so, you’re dying. Which means your testosterone declines year by year and you resemble a woman more and more as you age.

Unless you intervene with TRT.

It will transform your hormonal health, energy, confidence, sex drive, muscle mass & strength, and it will indirectly help with fat loss (as you’ll retain muscle better in a calorie deficit).

Read more about what to expect with TRT here.


Looking better as you age is perfectly do-able, and many men have proven this to be the case. It will sky-rocket your confidence, options, sex life, and overall happiness if you put the time and effort into it.

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