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Men Over 40


Today I’m going to talk about something slightly different to normal. It’s an absolute core requirement if you want long-term happiness, as well as short-term happiness. If you understand what I’m about to explain to you it will potentially change your life.


I am no saint when it comes to this stuff, but I’m pretty good. I’m also getting better with practise. But everywhere I turn, I see people making poor decisions. Whether it’s:


  • Eating that ice cream vs fruit & yoghurt
  • Slashing your carbs without thought for next week’s diet compliance
  • Lying in bed on the weekend instead of doing cardio
  • Drinking too much alcohol without considering the impact upon tomorrow
  • Buying expensive cars/huge houses that ensnare you into working forever
  • Or, the trap I nearly fell into today – sunbathing by the pool all morning vs writing blog posts and working towards my monthly targets on the balcony


Can you see the pattern amongst all of the above?


Yep. It’s a focus on the short-term instant “hit” of positive feelings (happiness) with very little consideration for the negative long-term cost (unhappiness).


Sometimes it’s difficult to quantify the cost. But once past the age of about 18 or so (which is about 99% of you reading this), then you should be able to hazard a pretty good guess.


The reason all of this is so important is because great men are made over time. It doesn’t happen in the short-term, and we aren’t born with it. An excessive focus on the short-term will always put a limit on how much you can achieve in the long-term. Every. Single. Time.


The Key To Perfect Decision Making


Whenever you are faced with uncertainty over the correct course of action, sit down and ask yourself:


Does this work for me now, and will this continue to make me happy in the long-term? OR, is there a hefty price to pay for not having enough discipline?”


Answer it honestly.


If you don’t answer it honestly, you will always have limits placed upon what you’re capable of achieving:


  • If you continue to focus on short-term happiness with sugary snacks, you will never lose weight
  • If you continue to try to lose weight too quickly (short-term happiness), you will bounce back again and again and again
  • If you continue to lie in bed, you will never lose weight
  • If you continue to get drunk, you will never lose weight or perform in the gym optimally
  • If you continue to “keep up with the Jones’” you will be enslaved by your boss until you’re 65-70
  • If I continue to have too much fun in the short-term instead of working, I will never earn as much money as I want to


We can have some short-term fun, but we have to think of the costs attached. I’m having some fun now, for instance – my office is on a balcony in Cuba. It’s pretty nice. But it’s not as fun as being by the pool/beach, for example.


You can have some short-term fun with dieting – evening snacks. But they must be in moderation and they must be low in sugar, otherwise your cravings will shoot up, you’ll want more (if not today, then tomorrow), and your diet compliance will go out of the window.


I certainly have some fun when dieting, as it keeps me sane. Most of the time I choose not to though, as I prefer to reap the long-term consistent benefits of being shredded.


These benefits are absolutely impossible to experience if you have too much short-term fun.


These benefits include:


  1. You no longer have to worry about diabetes, blood pressure, heart problems, or any other weight related diseases. Awesome.
  2. Your physique and face both look amazing, and your sex appeal goes through the roof.
  3. All clothes look better on you.
  4. You have higher testosterone.
  5. Your energy levels go through the roof.


And you get all of this consistently in the long-term, if you have the strength and willpower to endure the short-term pain and sacrifice. This is the exact same thing with money. Discipline and sacrifice in the short-term, resulting in long-term success and a life of bliss.


Make your decision. I know I’ve made mine.


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