The ONE BIG SECRET To Achieving Discipline



There’s one big thing that separates successful dieters from unsuccessful dieters. It’s this universal trait that separates the winners from the losers. Man or woman. Old or young. Gay or straight. Left-wing or right-wing. High IQ or low IQ.

It’s not just discipline.

There’s a lot of Ted Talks on discipline, a lot of stress on the internet on its’ importance, and with good reason – it is important. But what I want to talk about now is a little deeper. It’s a bit more specific, and emotionally-compelling.

Dieting is inevitably hard. If it’s not hard right now, then it will be soon. Homeostasis will guarantee that. Dieting is emotionally taxing more than anything, as you’re going against your basic biological instincts which requires great will and mental power.

What is the ONE THING that causes those powerful souls to continue when most others give up?


Finding Your WHY


Your WHY is what pushes you through the hard times. It’s what keeps you on the right track towards your dreams. Prevents you from falling off.

This is a more useful way of looking at discipline and is guaranteed to improve your dieting results, provided you fully understand what I’m saying:

  • It stops you from coming in from a long, stressful day at work and eating a load of cookies and biscuits.
  • It stops you from caving into your temptations in the evening after one glass of wine.
  • You don’t let your friends persuade you to have an ice cream.
  • You decline your wife’s dessert (very nicely).
  • It fuels your determination when you realise the scale hasn’t budged for over a week.
  • It reinforces your motivation to push the intensity in those cardio sessions.
  • You force yourself through the hunger. With ease.

Finding your why is crucial. Ideally, you need two or three key reasons for pushing through the pain barrier when it inevitably is placed in front of you. These challenges are designed to build you up and make you a stronger person.

Face them fearlessly, head on. If you don’t appreciate the value of what I’m saying, I can guarantee you will do soon. Once you start getting close to your dream physique it only gets harder. You MUST overcome these challenges. These victories will fuel future victories.

But the reality is, you need a victory NOW. You must start to succeed now otherwise you will never hit your dream physique/bodyweight. Future victories become impossible if you fail at the first hurdle. The human instinct is to give up and then rationalise (much later) that it isn’t that important anyway. Don’t be like most people.

And by the way, this goes equally for women reading this (there’s a surprisingly high percentage of you despite the name of the blog) – hitting goals and destroying obstacles in your way has a very powerful effect on your psychology, even if you start off small and take it slowly.


What Is Your Why?


Having spoken to many dudes, the most common, emotionally-compelling reasons to NOT QUIT EVER(!!!) are:


Sorry to be morbid, but it’s the most powerful human fear. Fear of death will incentivise someone to do just about anything. Guys who have urgent health issues are often (not always) the most motivated mother-fuckers on the planet. Whether this is diabetes, blood pressure, heart problems etc. doesn’t matter.

The question you need to ask yourself is:  “What could happen if I don’t act now?”

A very powerful and potentially life-changing question.

Kids & Grandkids

Many men are motivated to live long enough to see their kids grow up and get married.

They want to experience the joy of watching their son grow into a strong young man, and watch him grow up to be happy and successful into his peak. Or their daughter to be fulfilled with her relationships. Or to see their Grandkids grow up and introduce them to football etc.

Your Wife

Many guys want to be strong, supportive husbands well into their old age, with the ability to protect and provide for their wives. They want to ensure she will be okay and will be happy and cared for for the rest of her life.

But, and this is a BIG BUT, they fear they may not be able to do this due to heart problems, or cancer. Or they are just embarrassed about their weight which doesn’t portray a strong, successful protector. Either way, they are dissatisfied with how things currently are, and need to act now.

You don’t want to leave her on her own which is understandable. So act now.

These are just a few examples, yours may differ slightly. The point is: You MUST find your why/’s. Dieting is incredibly taxing to your mind and body, and these reasons are what will separate you from the rest of the pack. These will carry you through the roadblocks and keep you on target. Whenever you feel your discipline slipping, remind yourself of your two (or more) why’s.

Be like this guy:

All credit goes to Mateusz M:

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