Top 3 Fat Loss Tips – #26


Fat Loss Tips

Fat Loss Tips – #26


Okay, so I appreciate that my weakness is probably that I have too much of a broad, macro-level perspective on fat loss. I have almost become dismissive of the “little things” that add up to success over time.


These things are incredibly important, especially if you’re a relative beginner, or haven’t made progress in a while. Whilst long-term strategic planning is key, you also need day to day success as well.


Here’s today’s 3 top fat loss tips:


Once You Know How It Feels To Be Losing Fat, Learn How To Eat Intuitively


Skip to 3:30 in the video. Joe does state in the video that you must have some fat loss experience in order to actually pull this off, and I completely agree with this. Until then you need to track. But intuitively eating, once you know how to do it, gives you so much more freedom. You can keep track (loosely) of the key numbers – calories and then protein, but you don’t need to be overly anal about stuff. It’s nice.


Joe mentions the importance of eating stuff that fills you the hell up, consistently. Watch the video to find out more.


Avoid Fat Regain After Your Diet


Paul gives you plenty of great info here; and all of this will save you a lot of time in the long-run. When you gain loads of fat after a diet is over, one day you’re going to want to lose it again, and this costs time and possibly muscle.


Eat More Spinach


I didn’t realise just how easy it was until the other day, to throw spinach into just about any meal you’re frying. It adds:


  • Loads of fiber
  • Loads of protein
  • Loads of vitamins, including the B complex


all for very few calories – great whilst dieting. If you spinach to your meals on a regualr basis, you will struggle to not get enough nutrients and/or fiber in. Food volume is key. Never forget that.


There you go; 3 quick but incredibly useful fat loss tips for you. Try them and your fat loss results will improve – get to work.


If you enjoyed this article and are motivated to lose weight, feel free to check out my coaching services here. Thanks, I appreciate it.

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