Why You Should NOT Take Advice From Pro’s


Men Over 40


Too often, Men Over 40 will detail their training strategy or their diet plan to lose weight, and I’ll ask the rationale behind it. Usually the initial answer will be: because “this will get me to my goals as fast as possible” which instantly is likely not the best route to take. As fast as possible usually leads to negative consequences. Ignoring this however, they will then follow up with:


“Because that is also what *insert elite level athlete* is doing, and he/she is where I want to be”


Hopefully you can see a few problems with this logic.


Elite Level Training


I can’t delve into sport-specific things here, as I don’t have the knowledge or the interest. But in terms of strength training inside the gym, I can give you general characterisitcs of elite level training, why this is terrible for YOU, and what YOU should do instead.


So, why is it bad to take training advice from pro’s?


Firstly, they have insane levels of training volume. You will get injured if you try to emulate this without years of building up to it. They have the work capacity to cope, you and I don’t. I don’t recommend doing high volume stuff unless you need to. Obviously high volume is a relative concept, but I can give some general guidelines:


  • Beginners are likely to be able to make excellent progress on 5-12 sets per week on a given muscle group.
  • Intermediates are likely to be able to make excellent progress on 8-18 sets per week.
  • Advanced guys may need at least 15 sets to have a chance at minimal progress.
  • Elite athletes may need even more than this.


Can you see how this is going to completely bury people who don’t need this level of workload?


Elite level athletes are also likely on drugs, which is another enormous factor that people seem to conveniently forget. To be honest, drugs change the entire ballgame as it allows guys to make optimal progress on lower training frequencies due to elevated protein synthesis.


Naturals need to hit a muscle group more than once per week. 2-4 times is best.


Elite Level Nutrition


In terms of elite level nutrition, I have run into guys who do a similar kind of thing. Bearing in mind these guys are:


A) Men Over 40

B) Have been overweight for the majority of their life

C) Have (sometimes) had a food addiction their entire life

D) Are not performing extremely high training volumes, thus allowing them to eat a little more junk because they have to in order to sustain their body weight – think Michael Phelps and other athletes with high cardiovascular requirements.


If you are seriously going to take diet advice from a professional athlete who is burning a zillion calories per day….I’m sorry but there’s nothing I can do to help you. I’ve heard Men Over 40 talk about trying to copy athletes’ strategies with cheat meals, i.e having them once per week (or whatever they do these days). My response is always:


You are NOT a professional athlete. This is NOT going to work for you. Your overall lifestyle & goals determine how you should train and eat.


I’m not a professional athlete either. I can’t have “cheat days” or “cheat meals”. They don’t make any sense for most people, and often reinforce bad habits that have already accumulated over your 40+ years on earth.


Again, drugs will change the dynamics here, and allow athletes to have more leeway, whether they’re trying to gain muscle or lose fat (and maintain gains).


Applicable Advice


Only take advice from professionals if they are giving you information relating to what they did when they were at your experience level. Even then, be careful. Men Over 40 who are not on drugs cannot expect to train or eat the same way as professionals. You have to accept slower progress.


Now, even though progress is slower, it doesn’t mean you don’t have some fantastic potential. I’ve spoken recently about how guys who are well into their older years can still achieve great things.


Get to work.

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