Why You Should Keep Going And Not Quit


We all know the feeling. You’ve stalled with your weight loss, the scale refusing to budge, and you begin to lose hope. You’ve been working so hard, yet the hard work with your diet and training is no longer paying off.

Why is fat loss so hard?

How can I make it less brutal?

Dieting is probably the hardest change you can make to yourself. I don’t really emphasise it enough on this blog, but it really is difficult. It opposes your most basic survival instincts. The most powerful ones. The better your genetics are for surviving, the harder it will be.

Gaining muscle, for example, is simply a long, time-consuming process, involving lifting heavy weights and eating plenty of food. Dieting is different.

Increasing your income is a process that involves improving your skills and gaining experience over a period of time. Dieting is different.

Dieting for extended periods of time leaves you lethargic, weak and irritable. It makes you suffer. Dieting leaves you dreaming of food at night, literally.

I mean, 97% of people fail their diets eventually. They may have some short-term success, but 97%(!!) fail to keep the weight off. That’s a pretty high failure rate!


Never Quit

Now, enough of the doom and gloom, how do we continue through the hard times?

I have an extensive section of my book dedicated to motivation, so that gives you a detailed breakdown. However, some top tips would be:

  1. Remind yourself of why you started.
  2. Review images/videos of your goals every day. Put these pictures on your fridge/cupboards.
  3. Remind yourself of what could go wrong if you don’t lose weight.

I invite you to remind yourself of the reasons you wanted to lose weight in the first place. Was it for health reasons? Do you want to have more energy and be happier around your kids, grandkids, and family. Do you want to still be able to travel as you age? Do you simply want to look better? Have better sex?

Remind yourself of these benefits. Constantly.

Imagery, music and videos are very powerful tools for motivation. Now, you may not need to see the same images every day, but having a picture of your ideal physique on your fridge and cupboard is a fantastic way to maintain control during difficult periods.

Your wife may object to this for a myriad of potential reasons, ranging from the potential competition from other women (due to you looking better), all the way to territoriality over “her” kitchen. You need to expect this, and overrule her on this one – it’s important.

Finally, ask yourself what could happen if you don’t keep going? What happens if you quit?

Diabetes? Heart issues? An inability to have fun with your family? Incapable of traveling the world? Never achieving your desired look? Never be as happy as you could be?

Don’t let these happen.

Now, in terms of making dieting easier, there’s many articles here to help you do this, not to mention my book. Here are a few:

Intermittent Fasting


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Best Foods

Dieting will never be easy, let me make that clear. But there are many things you can do to make it less difficult.

Having a freedom-based approach, with minimal restrictions, is definitely the best way to go, hands down.

Pushing through the hard times is tough. Tougher than just about anything else you can possibly do. But, believe me, it’s worth it. Your life will transform because of it.

You can do it.



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