The Insanity Of Playing The Victim Role


Men Over 40


I was watching a live debate on TV the other night, which was what inspired this blog post. It was on Sky News and basically had a load of nonsense discussions/arguments about transgender issues, fat acceptance etc. (all whilst the economy is slowly crumbling before our very eyes.) Hmmmm, I wonder if we’re focusing on the right stuff here?


I do find it hilarious how the focus has now become about people’s feelings and sensitivies. I mean, we have to ask ourselves:


  1. Is all this super-left-wing nonsense about equality and re-distributing income (through taxing the shit out of everyone) helping incentives, productivity and economic growth? OR, is it destroying it?
  2. What will happen when the UK economy has shrunk by 10-15% in another couple of decades? Will this make us all more prosperous and make us all happier? OR, will we ALL be considerably worse off?


You know the answer to these questions.


On this damaging debate, there was a woman talking about the fat acceptance movement. The main point of this argument is that there is nothing you can do about your bodyweight and you should just accept it as it is. I want to analyse this mindset, as I’m aware of Men Over 40 with this destructive mindset too.


Unfortunately, plenty of Men Over 40 do think like this at least to some degree. You’d be surprised. Anyone who achieves any level of success is “lucky” or has “good genetics”. Haha. Okaaaaaay. Yes, genetics are very important, but myself and thousands of others have proven that:


A) Your level of muscle mass is 100% under your control, and;

B) Your level of body fat is also 100% under your control


So let’s stop with the bullshitting & insanity please. Certain bodytypes may have it harder, yes, but it’s still under their control. This woman isn’t doing anyone any favours, so without further ado, let’s delve into what’s wrong with this mindset.


Playing The Victim


It’s a very common left-wing mantra that’s becoming more and more popular by the day. However, it’s not going to help you lose weight. You can throw your arms in the air and say “fuck it, I have shit genetics” and claim that health is just a “social convention”. Or something.


Try telling that to the overweight dude who’s just been hospitalised from a heart attack. Oh no sorry health isn’t real I forgot, he must have faked it or something. Yeah, yeah health isn’t real, the fact that I’m fifty pounds overwight isn’t real, and Alex, you’re not real either.


This is what I meant above when I said these debates are focusing on people’s emotions and feelings rather than objective facts. Emotions are great, but not when discussing potentially life-threatening issues. You need to be objective. Sometimes people end up getting offended by this, but that’s their own problem.


I mean, come on. A live debate on TV, broadcasted to millions of viewers, with the message that health doesn’t matter. What a joke. Telling people there is nothing they can do about their bodyweight is simply appealing to their emotions. I am objectively saying that you will die young if you accept this as truth. I may piss you off, but I may also save your life. I know which is more important in the grand scheme of things.


To be honest, as soon as someone comes out with such a stupid argument that is absent of any logical foundation, you might as well end the debate there and then. You’re debating either a child, or a retard.


Another point the woman made is this:


“Health is not about how you look, you can’t look at someone and say whether they’re healthy or not. It’s about living a healthy lifestyle and just seeing what you end up looking like. We all come in different shapes and sizes.”


On paper, I agree with everything she said. It all sounds very nice doesn’t it. It’s what she doesn’t say, or implies that concerns me. It’s how this message is going to be interpreted that’s very, very damaging.


See, with her argument, “health” is very subjective. A little cupcake here, five burgers there, and a tub of Ben n Jerry’s here, it’s all moderation right? So I’m still healthy right? I’m also not feeling 100% well, so that’s why I haven’t moved off this couch in 2 weeks. So, I mean, I have an excuse not to exercise, so it’s still healthy right?


Can you see how this message is going to get completely skewed? People are naturally lazy, they don’t need more excuses. They need motivation.


Also, I can guarantee that if a person is 35%+ body fat, they are currently risking their health, or they will be doing in the near future. So, yes, you can absolutely tell in one look whether or not someone is healthy. These goals are going to be more or less impossible for their lard-arses to achieve.


People have already been living a “healthy lifestyle” and just see what fucking happens #YOLO for a long time now, and it isn’t exactly making them happy. I’m trying to find the 10% of guys who are actually willing to change and are willing to stop this. I’ve already found some great guys so it looks like I’m doing something right.


People like this woman are my worst enemy, as their messages are being broadcast on live TV and they end up eventually entering people’s subconscious minds, and it’s a devastating mindset to have.


Do you want to be top 20% or bottom 20%? It’s no exaggeration. This is literally a case of choosing happiness vs choosing unhappiness.




If you want to be unhappy, continue to subscribe to this hyper-irrational-left-wing weakness. Or, you could accept that health is a very real thing, looking good is a very real thing, and that ALL OF IT IS COMPLETELY IN YOUR CONTROL. NO ONE ELSE IS FORCING YOU TO BE UNHEALTHY.


Harsh words, I know, but when you have these messages being shoved down people’s throats on live TV, I’m forced to go the other extreme.



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