4 Reasons It Takes Men Over 40 Longer Than They Think To Lose Fat


Men Over 40


There’s a lot of frustrated, overweight Men Over 40 who can’t understand why they haven’t reached their fat loss goals yet, and are in desperate need of help. As we know, trying to change things too quickly, starve ourselves, remove macronutrients etc. are all going to lead to a backlash further down the road. But why do we try to do these things in the first place? Why do we even want to torture ourselves in this way?


Expectations. Specifically, we expect things to happen, and we expect them to have happened yesterday. However, reality says that this takes time, especially if there’s a significant amount of weight to lose.


So why does it take so much longer to lose this weight, relative to our expectations?


Number 1 – Social Media


Social Media. Instagram, YouTube, the internet in general, and the media all promote the extremes of human potential, rather than what most people are capable of. Wanna hit a 1200 total in uner 18 months?


No problem, this guy did. What they don’t say, is that he was on gear and that he is in the top 1% of serious lifters. Wanna get down to 7% body fat for the beach and look sexy for all the ladies?


No problem, look at this Instagram model. Again, what they won’t say is that it took years to get there, or if it didn’t, then they guy is currently sacrificing his entire life trying to maintain it. Losing weight quickly always leads to rebounding.


Number 2 – Your Lifestyle


Your lifestyle. Most Men Over 40 have a busy, high-stress lifestyle, which prevents them from making optimal fat loss progress. The main reason for this is that it increases hunger. Hunger is always the root of all nutritional success, hence why I go on and on about appetite manipulation. Nutrition will always dictate most of your fat loss success and same in the long-term with muscle success.


You will not total 1200 pounds weighing 150. Unless you’re a genetic freak. Hence, you need to learn how to manipulate your appetite to favour whatever current goal you are pursuing. It’s SO, SO important.


But also, high stress levels make you more catabolic. Men Over 40 are already catabolic motherfuckers, adding a high stress lifestyle on top this simply exacerbates the problem. You have a strong biological factor here due to low testosterone, plus a high responsibility lifestyle, particularly if you have:


  • Kids below age 18
  • A wife (even a sweet wife will still cause problems)
  • Working long hours in your job
  • A shit boss
  • Poor sleep habits


And all of this excessive catabolism makes it more or less impossible to maintain your muscle, and it tends to increase fat storage, regardless of what happens to your hunger and daily caloric intake. Therefore, it makes things far more difficult to lose fat, and therefore it takes far longer than you expect.


Number 3 – Lack Of Correct Habits


Building the correct habits takes a little time, but will go a long way in aiding your long-term sustainable fat loss plan. It’s also a more positive and motivating way of looking at the Fitness Lifestyle, rather than looking at is from a deprivation viewpoint.


Having daily targets to hit in certain areas will motivate you, and will tend to make you feel more satiated (appetite manipulation) and help you to burn more calories too. Things such as:


  1. Hit 175 grams of protein every day
  2. Hit 40 grams of fiber every day
  3. Drink a gallon of water per day
  4. Drink 2 coffees every morning
  5. Do 30 mins of general activity (or cardio) per day


Do these for long enough and they become habits. Once they becomes habits, it’s going to be difficult to go back to a junk diet, a sloppy diet plan, and you will automatically start losing weight if you start lowering carbs a little. Nothing magical. Nothing sexy. Just plain hard work and grinding, as per usual.


Number 4 – Not Utilising Maintenance Periods


This is a big mistake people make, and they end up paying the price for it further down the road. This does not apply if you have only just started your diet, or have not yet lost any major weight. This is only for the Men Over 40 who have already make significant progress, and are currently struggling to continue to make progress.


These guys do not need to take it up to the next gear, instead, they need to take some time to solidify these fat loss gains. A 2-4 week maintenance period will do this. It will also re-balance the hormonal issues out, and when Men Over 40 restartn the caloric deficit, things will be easier again.


If you fail to use maintenance periods, you will cross the “suffering threshold” and re-gain loads of weight. Just like the typical yo-yo dieter, which leads to never actually reaching your goals.


So, take note of your expectations (from social media), your lifestyle (and stress), your habits (good and bad) and plan to have maintenance periods. This will explain why everything takes longer than you expect, and you can speed things up somewhat, although the answer is not to starve yourself. Just be aware of the causes.


If you enjoyed this article and are motivated to lose weight, feel free to check out my coaching services here. Thanks, I appreciate it.

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