Men Over 40 – Ageing Is Inevitable, Fat Gain Is Not

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Men Over 40


This post was inspired by this one from BlackDragon. Although his post is geared towards women and relationships, the overall concept very much applies to fitness; people (men and women both) simply gain weight as they age. This is of course a generalisation, and many individuals have proven that this weight gain is completely unnecessary. Let’s get into it…


People in our society just gain weight with age. It’s what they do. Obviously this is bad and because you are sat down reading these words, you agree with me; otherwise you wouldn’t be reading a fitness blog. The question therefore becomes:


“Why do people gain weight with age, and how do we avoid becoming one of these people?”


BlackDragon looked at the two big excuses women make:


  1. Babies
  2. Age


Pregnancy does indeed result in stretchmarks, and it does increase water retention and a few other side effects. But as he correctly pointed out, if a woman gains 30 pounds during pregnancy and never loses it again, sorry, but she’s eating too many calories and not exercising enough. Although girlfriends will “agree” with her and be empathetic, she’s not fooling anyone.


The next one was age, and more specifically; age = fat gain, which is of course false. Too many people have proven this, including the likes of Hugh Jackman (I can’t think of the female equivalent, simply because I’m not interested. But I’m sure there are many). Just because you gain a few wrinkles and lose a bit of testosterone, it doesn’t mean that you have to gain 30 pounds.


The latter is the one Men Over 40 use. They don’t have the option of using excuse number one, but they can, and do, use excuse number two all the time.


Stop making excuses.


Excuses Are Excuses – Grow Up!


I know many, many guys and girls who were incredibly slim and attractive at age 18 or so. Yet they gradually gained weight up until their mid-twenties now, where they sit 20-30 pounds heavier. They now look like crap, and I think it’s a massive shame and a huge waste of potential.


Are they old? Or did they become too comfortable, and therefore gain weight?


No they are not old, and yes they became too comfortable.


Conversely, I also am regularly impressed, in fact, astonished, by the transformations some older guys make when they lose weight. They go from being the typical overweight, balding, unattractive and under-sexed guy to a complete stud within a matter of months. These guys are Men Over 40, and are the furthest thing from being “young” or “lucky”.


Are they ageing? Did they allow themselves to become too comfortable?


Yes, in this case they are ageing. But the key difference is that they didn’t allow themselves to become too comfortable!!!


They reversed the usual process and they experienced MASSIVE SUCCESS BECAUSE OF IT! Very, very impressive.


How To Avoid Being Too Comfortable


Comfort is nice, and it can be very satisfying to “enjoy” yourself. Partying, drinking, relaxing, eating, not focusing on your diet. But there is a HUGE, HUGE problem with this. Stagnation always leads to an eventual decline. Always.


Comfort is not the same as maintenance. Maintenance requires a very forceful and disciplined attempt to maintain the status quo. You must determine precise numbers for:


  1. Your maintenance calories
  2. Your weekly cardio
  3. Your weight training
  4. Your daily protein intake


Otherwise you aren’t maintaining – you’re being lazy.


Comfort is not paying enough attention to the key areas required to maintain what you currently have. This always leads to a decline, and eventually, a severe drop in:


  • Happiness
  • Self-confidence
  • Self-love
  • Love from others
  • Attractiveness
  • Motivation
  • Energy
  • etc.


Never get too comfortable.


The only way to avoid this, is to set goals in the areas you need to improve upon, and ensure that you are always putting the work in to maintain what you currently have. This maintenance work isn’t much, but it’s an absolute ****ing requirement if you want to have any hope in hell of not backsliding to where you used to be.


Accept this reality, and act upon it.


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