The Fear of Being “Too Big”


Gain Muscle
If everyone could re-comp long term, we would all look like this guy!

Note: This was a guest blog post at Charles Sledge – check him out for some great info for men on multiple subjects; purpose, fitness, relationships etc.


Just Gain Muscle


One of the funniest recent trends I’ve noticed is relative newcomers on TRP, and especially MGTOW’s, claiming that they “Don’t want to get too big”.


Every time I’m thinking “Oh boy, here we go again”.


Their post will be something along the lines of: “I don’t want to get too big!!! Otherwise I’ll end up in a wheelchair like Ronnie Coleman OMG OMG OMG!!!” like a hysterical little girl. Then they will continue on their rant about how anyone who lifts weights for size is a pussy who will only end up damaging their health.


Obviously this is wrong on many levels, so I’m not going to delve into that. What I will say is that we need to read between the lines here, and see what’s really going on in between the guys’ ears.


My goal here is to prevent anyone else from slipping into his mindset, as it’s a very dangerous one, and one that is becoming more and more common.


He continues to give his personal statistics. This is where we can really see what’s going on. “Blah blah blah blah blah………..I’m 155 pounds and have been lifting for six months.”


Huh? What? What is a 155 pound guy doing on here comp……….


Ahhhhh.  I see what’s going on here.


So, he’s been lifting for six months. He weighs fuck all. He compares himself to Ronnie (!), and accuses anyone bigger than him of being a pussy.


It’s clear to me that he has realised that weight training (believe it or not), isn’t a walk in the park (SHOCK!), and it’s actually quite hard. Well, no shit.


He compares himself to a drug-guzzling freak, who weighs over twice his own bodyweight as a rationalisation as to why one should NOT LIFT WEIGHTS. EVER. In fact, if you do, you’re a pussy who only does it for women, apparently. You’re far better off with a Spider-Man-like physique, apparently.


Can you see the insanity of this comparison?


This is like me making my first chunk of money and then saying “I don’t want to get too rich because I’ll end up a selfish, evil billionaire and everyone will hate me.” Then claiming that anyone who makes over six-figures is “greedy and immoral”. Or something.


This is rationalising laziness. Don’t be like that.


Guys, if you want to end up in a wheelchair from being “Too big”, you need to lift a little longer than six months. More like ten years. Then another five years with at least one gram of testosterone per week, with some tren and a couple of powerful, liver-destroying orals. Then another five years with dangerously high doses of HGH and insulin.


Oh, and I almost forgot. You need outrageously good genetics. You clearly haven’t, otherwise you wouldn’t be rationalising your laziness – you’d be addicted to the incremental increases in muscle and masculinity.


Until then, keep lifting. You fool.


Seriously though, don’t listen to MGTOW’s. They are growing in numbers, and it’s a little concerning. I’m talking about the proper MGTOW’s who are completely withdrawing from both women AND in this case, lifting also. Read around their forums and you’ll notice most are depressed. The rest soon will be. Not a good life path. Women and lifting are both awesome.


Note: This is a guest post for Charles Sledge – a great self-improvement source for men. Go over there to read the rest of the article.



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