10 Reasons Strength Training Is Not An Option

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Strength Training

Strength training builds not only your physical strength, but also your mental strength. It’s a ridiculously objective form of personal development, and I am 100% with people who say that “the barbell doesn’t lie”. It doesn’t matter how you feel about your training, how you feel about the way you look in the mirror etc. you can either deadlift 500 pounds or you can’t. Simple. I love it.

There is no “fairness”. There is no “entitlement”. There is no “give me free muscle (money) because I deserve it and I’ve been oppressed my whole life”. The difference between money and muscle is that you can get free money if you beg hard enough. The barbell does not give free muscle because free stuff doesn’t exist in nature, and Socialism is a man-made concept. With the barbell there is only the truth. The truth, being that you put in the work and get the desired results, or you don’t. Your feelings and victimhood mindset are irrelevant.

This is why I love it so much. It gives you the objectve truth, regardless of how you want things to pan out. It gives you results, and it’s up to you to adapt your efforts based on the real-world results you’ve been given.

Here are 10 reasons why strength training is now a mandatory part of your life, whether you like it or not:

Number 1 – It Is Always There For You

You will always have this as a form of self-development, even if everything else goes wrong. This means that you always have this a guaranteed confidence builder, even if all else fails with your career, relationships etc.

Number 2 – It Will Make You Stand Out In A World Dominated By Beta’s

The vast majority of men are Beta’s. This never used to be the case, but it’s a fact that there are a lot more Beta’s now than ever before. But guess what this means for you? It means you can contrast yourself against this parade of pansies more than you ever could in the 1970’s or 1980’s, for example. This makes you appear even more valuable – supply and demand. As the supply of Alpha’s dries up, the demand for them increases.

Number 3 – It Will Make You Mentally Tougher

Gruelling through each squat workout regardless of whether or not you feel like it will make you far more disciplined and resilient than 90% of other men. This also carries over into everything else you do.

Number 4 – Declining Testosterone

I’ve written before about declining testosterone in men of all ages, and how doctor’s are shifting the goalposts to fit in with the overall decline in population averages. This is obviously dumb because societal averages do not make you remotely healthy. The average body fat percentage for Men Over 40 is in excess of 25%, does this make for a good target to shoot for?

Hopefully you can see the point I’m making. Declining testosterone is a problem, and doctors aren’t doing anyone any favours. Lifting weights is a huge antidote to this negative trend.

Number 5 – You Will Actually Enjoy Old Age

Instead of being crippled and too weak to travel and enjoy yourself, you will actually still be fairly active and be able to visit great places. You will be strong enough to play in the park with your grandkids, still enjoy other fun physical activities, and generally have more options. This is a far better position to be in than the typical old person who can’t afford their own health expenses (if they’re American), or are permanently reliant on the NHS (if they’re British).

Number 6 – You Will Look Better Than Most Men Your Age

Obviously this is great for general self-confidence purposes, but also the fact that it opens many doors with the opposite sex. I’ve written before that whilst there is a lot more to attraction than just your looks, improving your appearance will make your life a lot easier, and you will have more of an abundant mindset because of the many options it brings.

Whilst most men are too busy getting complacent in their relationships and gaining a load of weight, you’re busy losing weight, gaining muscle and increasing your options. The simple knowledge that you have options is very, very powerful as a man. Attractive women know they have options. Often, Men Over 40 don’t have a clue.

Number 7 – You Avoid Being Controlled By The Herd

Recent trends such as the “Dad Bod” have become popularised, claiming that this is a more attractive look than a muscular physique. Haha. I’ve hinted at this before in this article. But in terms of the “Dad Bod” specifically, it’s deemed as desirable because husbands are more “cuddleable” if they are chubby. I mean, who doesn’t want to be cuddleable?

The problem is that this is nothing but an attempt to keep men chubby and Beta, and to uphold the monopolisation of the Beta’s resources and attention by eliminating any competition. If you lose weight, you become a lot more than just “cuddleable” and the wives who promote the “Dad Bod” know this all too well. Using Leonardo Di Caprio as an example of this body is a waste of time because he’s an ultra-rich, world-famous actor, so you can’t compare yourself to him as a typical older guy.

Avoid being manipulated, and you avoid the fate of the vast majority of men.

Number 8 – You Release Stress Appropriately

Show me a guy who’s angry all the time and I’ll show you a guy who wastes too much time thinking about unproductive things and not enough time strength training.

Number 9 – Taking Care Of Your Diet Becomes Easier

You’ve trained so hard in the gym, you can’t bear to see your efforts go to waste. What better way to see progress than to sort your diet out?

Number 10 – You Take Your Life Into Your Own Hands

Perhaps you’re tired of being told what to do all the time? I know I hate it. Strength training provides you with the ability to be in control of your own body and consequentially, your own life.

This is possibly the most important of all. Humans always need the feeling of control over themselves and their own actions. Otherwise, we suffer. I’m not talking about control over other people, as it should be obvious by now that that’s not only a form of weakness disguised as strength, but it also leads to a chaotic and miserable existence. No, I’m talking about complete control over yourself. It’s a great place to be.

Get to work 🙂

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