How To Create The Right Habits


A lot of people really struggle when trying to get started on their fitness journey. As the fitness journey is a long one, requiring consistent hard work over the long-haul, certain behaviours need to become second nature – habits. Having the correct habits ensures consistent success. It also makes the process easier.

How do we create the right habits for fitness success?


Enter the “Star System”. This is a great way to build the right fitness habits on a daily basis, starting off small, and building gradually over time.

It’s essentially a weekly calendar, Mon-Sun, with 1-3 daily activities that you are trying to successfully accomplish. Examples could be:

  • Waking up at a certain time of the day
  • Performing 30 mins daily cardio
  • Hitting your 10% calorie deficit
  • Eating a certain amount of fruit/vegetables

For each day that you successfully achieve your mini-goal/s, you give yourself a “star”, highlighting/colouring in the day as a “success”.

If this sounds ridiculous, it’s because it is. It will make you feel like a child, but that’s why it’s great – it works on the emotional portion of your brain. Motivation is an emotion – you can’t just tell yourself to be motivated.

The key to this working, is to start off really small – just one daily habit at a time. Every 3 weeks, feel free to add another habit.

This system works really well if you’re just starting out. Eventually, these behaviours become second nature, and success becomes very, very easy. Gradually, your progress becomes more and more noticeable, and this momentum gives you great confidence.

The fat starts to melt off. Your cardiovascular fitness improves substantially. People start noticing. All of these benefits create a positive feedback loop – it’s a great feeling!

Just don’t overphase yourself too soon.



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