5 Essential Tips For Ageing Better



You look in the mirror and you no longer like what you see. There’s no worse feeling. It’s a huge source of self-doubt among men, arguably, the one that rises above all others.

We’re highly visual creatures by nature, and if we don’t like the looks of the guy in the mirror, it affects us. A lot.

This tends to spread into our family lives, relationships, work etc. Guys who age well (relative to other men in the same age category) don’t have these problems.

In fact, it’s usually the reverse, and they tend to feel even better about themselves, whilst the guy who doesn’t stay on top of his looks suffers.

As a side note: Some of the most confident guys on the planet are those who have had to work for their looks. There is an extra confidence boost from the feelings of achievement.

The guy who doesn’t make the effort will suffer. Internally, you don’t feel as good about yourself. You just don’t feel like a man anymore. You’ve lost your edge.

Externally, the outside world does not treat you as well as it used to, particularly when you’re meeting new people. So there is an internal element, and also a very real external side to this.

Another point, this is really important: Nobody is saying you need to look like a younger guy. You just need to look better than the other guys within your age category (5-10 years or so).

You need to beat your competition.

Your eyes may not look as vibrant as they used to. Perhaps your face looks too puffy. Or maybe there are wrinkles or grey hairs popping up all over the place. Maybe everything is starting to sag.

Whatever it is, you can improve your situation enormously. They say that once you pass age 40 or so, maintaining your looks almost becomes a part-time job. I have to say, from what I’ve seen, I agree with this.

If you hate the idea of this, then that’s fine. Just realise that you will never be as confident or as happy as you could otherwise be.

So, how do we become the fine wine? Here’s the big 5:

  • Don’t gain weight. Surprise surprise, nothing new there. Yet ALL men (and women, unfortunately) seem to do this. Very, very few stay on top of their body fat levels. I’ve said before that gaining weight in today’s society is very much a choice. Make the right choices. A bloated face is the number one killer of facial proportions, and it’s an insidious process – you don’t realise it’s happening until someone points it out to you. Or, you look at older photos. The world is full of guys who don’t look fat, as they have a small frame, genetically. BUT, they still have plenty of body fat, and it shows in their face. Your face is more important than your physique (unless you’re obese). If you are one of these guys, and don’t want to diet because you’re afraid of looking too skinny, then for heaven’s sake, gain some muscle. As a beginner, you can do both at the same time! Make the most of it! If you want a masculine looking face, with a strong jaw line, don’t gain weight. Has Brad Pitt gained weight? Has Hugh Jackman gained weight?

  • Don’t let yourself go too grey. Okay, so this one is hard to measure, but going too grey is almost always a bad thing. A little silver is fine, but I’m talking a little. If you want to look better than your competition, you would be wise to keep on top of this. Get a professional to do this otherwise you’ll mess it up and it won’t look right. You can definitely afford it by now, and it’s worth spending the money on. George Clooney sure as hell doesn’t do his hair himself. If you value looking good, you won’t either.

  • Hang out with people younger than you. This one is difficult to quantify again, but I’ve seen it time and time again. Those who hang out with younger people, tend to maintain their vibrancy and energy levels a lot more easily. If you have kids who you see on a regular basis, this should be easier. But you don’t want to rely on your kids. Ideally, you have a job/business that allows you to interact with younger people on a regular basis. Some industries are better than others for this. Otherwise, house parties, sporting events, weddings, birthdays and just about any other gathering you can think of, are great places to meet other couples, for example. You just need the confidence to do this. Looking good is a great start.

  • Go shopping with several women (other than your girlfriend or wife). Women simply have a better fashion sense than men. I say several because you don’t want to rely on one person, and you want a well-rounded view on what makes you look good. You don’t want your girlfriend or wife’s view because they often have an ulterior motive, and don’t want you to look your best (bless them). So, your female platonic friends, sister/s, daughter/s are all viable options. Bonus points if these are all younger than you. Now, crucial point: Having a great wardrobe will not make you look good on its own. It simply makes a decent (or good) looking guy look better. Managing body fat levels is absolutely the number one priority. If you’re 40% body fat, it doesn’t matter how well-dressed you are, you aren’t going to look better than your competition.

  • Finally, move. A lot. People are very sedentary these days, and it doesn’t help the ageing process at all. You just need to stay active. Staying active prevents injuries and prevents the body from breaking down too early. It will also keep energy levels higher. Note: I’m not saying heavy, intense weight-lifting (although that would be great, as maintaining muscle will also help you to look better). You just need to get off your ass. If sagging bodyparts is becoming an issue, I seriously advise you to start lifting if not already. Everything sags eventually, but having some muscle will make it less bad.

Looking good as you age is really, really important. If you want to feel masculine and good about yourself for the rest of your life, this is THE most important area, overlooked by the vast, vast majority.

Yes, I know, it’s hard work. Really hard. But it’s worth it – we’re talking about your level of happiness for the rest of your life. Your hard work will pay off, trust me.

Smaller-framed (skinny-fat) guys, stop making excuses. Gain some muscle and diet. Your girlfriend/wife will thank you.

Saggy guys, hit the gym.

Lazy guys, go shopping and meet younger people.

Make this your number one goal, and pause all other goals until you are happy with the way you look. Then, maintain this, and enjoy the rest of your life.

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