5 Reasons You May Need To Get Your Testosterone Tested


Testosterone, if you didn’t already know by now, is THE male hormone that controls so many other things in your life. Your mindset, your physique, your ambition, your relationships – an awful lot of it is influenced and governed by your testosterone levels.

Now this doesn’t mean that more always equals better, but more is better for the vast majority of men in a world of borderline hypogonadism induced by lifestyle choices, excess calories, sugar, single mother households, plastics and much more.

But how much more do you need?

What’s the male IDEAL?

The range that will get you the ideal physique, mindset and level of drive?

It’s honestly a case of trial and error. For some guys, this number will be 700, for some it will be 950, for others, 1100, regardless of age.

But in order to determine this, you’ve got to measure your starting point as a reference. If your current levels are 500 and you’re struggling to lose fat & gain muscle, don’t you think it would be a VERY useful test to see how much of an impact getting to 1000 would make?

I think you’d find it very worthwhile.

Here’s a complete list of reasons you want to consider getting tested:

Testosterone Test

1. If You’re Having Sexual Problems

These can range from low sex drive, to difficulty maintaining an erection, to not having the stamina in the bedroom etc.

Another major sign that your T levels aren’t optimal, is when you can’t remember the last time you had morning wood.

If you’re having any of these sexual problems and you want to optimise your sex life, it might be a good idea to get tested.

2. If You Have Diabetes

This should be one of the first things your doc does when he/she knows you have diabetes, and all kind of blood tests should be run.

But if you do have diabetes, the chances of your testosterone also being off are astronomically higher. If this applies to you and you have T levels in the gutter, your fitness goals are going to be a real mountain to climb, more so than they need to be.

3. If You Have Consistently Low Motivation

I’m not talking here about ‘off days’, as literally everyone has them. I’m also not talking about being motivated 50-80% of the time and being neutral the rest of the time.

I’m talking about being consistently lethargic, and just being completely disinterested in your big goals. Not interested in any form of competition. Disinterest in growth.

This is a MASSIVE warning sign that your testosterone is low and you should do something about it, especially when combined with a lack of interest in sex.

Men are goal-seeking organisms, and you’re wired to go out and want to conquer something and compete in something. If this drive is almost NEVER there, 100% guaranteed something is off internally.

4. If You Have Major Sleep Disturbances

Now this one can be caused by many other things too, like stress. But then again, with chronic stress comes lower-than-ideal testosterone, so it all plays a part in the overall ‘jigsaw puzzle’.

Quite often though, getting your testosterone levels into the ideal range (800-1200 total, with lower SHBG within the 10-32 range), leads to far deeper sleep on a consistent basis.

Quite a few guys have reported deeper sleep recently from taking Testogen, so that may be worth checking out. The stuff works.

Get your testosterone tested

5. If You Have Difficulty Gaining Muscle

The harsh reality is that muscle growth is going to be next to impossible when your testosterone levels are in the gutter.

This is probably THE biggest reasons that 18 year olds gain muscle very rapidly, whereas 70 year olds never do (if they allow their T levels to just naturally continue declining). This is even if they follow the same training program, the same diet model, the same amount of sleep.

Hormones are a HUGE factor when it comes to building/losing muscle. You’ve got the have the right hormonal environment.

So if you’re training hard in the gym but it feels like the workouts are going to waste? It might be time to get yourself tested.

Where To Get Tested (Private MD Labs)

I’ve been asked this question so many times now, and now I can conclusively say that quite a few guys have gone through Private MD Labs and had excellent results.

This site is great because it’s easy, fast, convenient, and you don’t have to fart around with doctors appointments etc., although you do get a free consultation included with these guys.

These are not your typical “300-total-testosterone-is-normal-don’t-worry-about-it” guys either.

The whole process only takes 2-5 days, so very efficient for you guys.

The link to the website is right here.

I strongly suggest getting the Male Hormone Optimisation Panel (best case scenario, but more expensive), or at the minimum their Testosterone Test ($95, includes Total Testosterone, Free, Bioavailable, SHBG, Albumin).

But guys have been asking me for years now where to get tested.

This is the place.

In Summary

If you’re having issues un any of the above areas, I strongly believe it’s well worth getting tested so that you know where you stand. It’s the same thing with body fat % testing – once you know where you stand and the numerical targets you want to hit (roughly), you can make an actual realistic plan.

And a man without a plan, is a man destined to fail.

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