The Biggest Roadblock To High Testosterone


High testosterone

Not long ago, I released a poll on Twitter asking for your biggest roadblock to high testosterone.

When I say testosterone roadblock, what I’m truly referring to is your ability to naturally get to 800-1200 total testosterone, and maintain it.

This is where things like muscle gain, fat loss, confidence, depression-relief and a great mood all come far more easily and naturally – life is simply better.

You cannot accept a testosterone level of 200-300, which is categorised as “normal” in today’s declining, overly-feminised society. When in fact it’s diabolical for your health, your happiness, and overall quality of life.

The options in this poll ranged from:

“Don’t know where to start” to “Don’t eat the right foods”, to “Currently have too much body fat”.

Most people chose the first one, which is fair enough. But the second most popular choice was the third one, meaning there’s a lot of people with a lot of weight to lose.

It also means that most people believe they are eating the right testosterone foods, but fat loss continues to be an issue regardless.

Perhaps lockdowns are to blame for the fat gain, perhaps it’s your S/O, perhaps it’s none of those things. But whatever the case may be, excess body fat is literally blocking your path to high T on a molecular level.

The Problems With Excess Body Fat

The biggest problem with excess body fat by far, is that it’s literally estrogenic. Meaning that beyond a certain threshold, your fat cells start to secrete estrogen, which completely blocks testosterone production, and the use of said testosterone.

So it goes without saying that getting the excess down is going to dramatically improve not only your testosterone production (in the testes themselves), but also how much your body can use.

Another issue is that once you have a ton of body fat, your chances of developing insulin resistance begin to increase dramatically.

Meaning that your body starts to ‘hate’ carbs more and more, and unless you do something about it, you’ll struggle even more to get lean. It’s similar to “the rich get richer” – “the fat get fatter”.

It’s partly due to an accumulation of bad habits over many years that become hard to break due to the nature of deeply-ingrained habits, and then partly due to insulin resistance.

So the solution?

Act now, act fast, and don’t give in.

Burning The Excess Fat

So how exactly do you burn the excess fat during your high T conquest?

Obviously, selecting the right testosterone boosting foods and eating them often is going to be very helpful, because it gives your body the fundamental resources to produce testosterone in the first place.

But this isn’t enough.

As we’ve already discussed, it won’t help you if there’s a 5 inch wall of fat around your midriff causing your estrogen levels to permanently spike. Combine this with gyno, and you’re in a lot of trouble.

Most of your success is going to come from removing the majority of ‘bad foods’ you’re currently eating, and following a proper regimen, and not deviating from it.

When you set aside 3-4 months to just completely focus on fat loss and nothing else, it’s very achievable. That’s 3-4 months of focusing on:

  • What does and does not enter your food cart (either physically in the shop, or online)
  • What does and does not enter the house (don’t let your kids ruin your diet, it’s unacceptable)
  • How often you eat out (you can still eat out, but just do so less often)
  • How much you drink when you do drink (choose wine over beer, it’s less estrogenic and harder to overdo the calories)
  • Doubling down on the Intermittent Fasting plan and making damn sure you stick to all the rules without deviating from them. Don’t get cocky and try to change the timing, or have ‘weekends off’ – it won’t work. It hasn’t worked well in the past, it won’t work well this time either.

If you’re looking for a personalised Intermittent Fasting plan that will set you straight if you stick to it, check this link out. I write these personally, and they’ve been responsible for taking men of all ages to 10% body fat.

Just remember that if you control what goes into your shopping cart and what goes into your house, then you control what goes into your mouth.

Everyone knows that they should control what goes into their mouth.

But nobody does it, because they screw up on the other two.

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