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This is going to be a bit of a darker post than my usual content, but it’s a necessary warning that a lot of guys need.

It won’t feel good reading this.

But I think you’ll agree that feeling bad for three minutes is worth it if it means improving the rest of your life for the next 30+ years.

Hopefully by the end of this blog post, I’ll have woken up a % of you who have been asleep over the past few years or so, that’s my aim here.

Your Life Is Going To Get Worse

Imagine a bell curve, where all the men in your country are scattered across this chart.

Statistically speaking, if you’re reading these words you probably fall somewhere not far off the mean, meaning that you’re not far off 50%. Maybe you’re in the top 40% of men, or top 30%, who knows?

If you’ve been lifting weights for a while, you’re pretty lean and making good money, you might be top 20%.

But statistically speaking you’re going to be somewhere in that ballpark.

But here’s the problem as I see it:

Being average was actually pretty good back in the 1950s as a man. You could afford to raise a family of four kids on a very average income, you had stable employment for life, you had a stable government, and a loyal wife for life (till death do us part) who wouldn’t leave you and take half your assets and/or kids. Does this sound like life in 2022?


And the reality is that things are going to get worse. A lot of you guys on Twitter are living in a delusional fairy-tale where you think all of this is reversible.

It’s not. It’s too late.

A lot of you think life is going to get better once COVID and the Russian-Ukranian war is over. I promise you this is just the beginning.

Things. Are. Not. Going. To. Get. Better.

  • Unemployment and job insecurity is going to get worse.
  • Inflation is going to get a lot worse, meaning the money you need to make in order to have a half-decent existence is going to be 20% more, 30% more, or even more than this in years to come.
  • Taxes will continue to rise in an effort to pay for everything, which compounds the above.
  • Government debt is already astronomically high (>$21 trillion in the US), so your government CANNOT save you.
  • Political instability is going to get worse (think authoritarianism, riots, chaos etc.)
  • The divorce rate (70% in terms of the real rate) and the level of female cheating is going to get a LOT worse going forward, due to the ever-increasing level of Sexual Market Value YOU need to maintain a decent relationship (and also due to cultural propaganda and anti-male legal systems to some degree.)
  • Average testosterone levels are going to continue to crash as they have been doing since 1980, and doctors will continue to shift the goalposts downwards, which makes it 10x more difficult to combat all of the above problems. Have fun trying to grow your income on 300 ng/dL testosterone!

Why do I say all this?

Because the above is going to absolutely destroy the average man, and the average man is fast asleep and has no idea that it’s coming. He’s still watching porn, playing video games, eating sugar or getting shit-faced every Friday/Saturday night and living life as a borderline alcoholic.

You DO NOT want to be average.

You want to be living life in the top 1% – more on this in a minute.

The Average Income

The average man earns $38k per year in the US.

If this is you and you’re currently happy living this level of lifestyle, here’s two important points you’re going to want to consider:

  1. As you get older, the amount of money you tend to need in order to be happy, almost always goes up. Wife, kids, more space, nicer things, nicer experiences…it all costs money.
  2. Inflation is going to run rampant over the next 10-40 years, with perhaps a 30% increase in cost of living for absolutely no reason above and beyond any pathetic wage increases you manage to receive.

Combine the above two points, and you’re going to need potentially a 50-100% increase in your real income to simply NOT be miserable. Meaning if you’re Joe Schmo right now, this $38k income needs to jump up to at least $57k, and potentially up to $76k per year in real terms, in order to maintain a half decent level of sanity.

If you want to have more than 1-2 kids, it’ll be more than this. If you want to live in a big high tax city, it’ll be more than this.

What if you’re making six figures right now?

You’re in a far better position, but realise that it’s the same principle. Unless you’re ready to take a lifestyle cut, you’re probably going to need to raise your income (due to inflation and ever-rising taxes).

Iliac Furrows

The Average Physique

The average male physique just gets worse and worse. Obesity levels continue to rise, and testosterone levels continue to plummet.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again:


There’s no other way for your brain to sit there at 30% body fat (and have an extreme energy surplus literally clinging to your body, ready to be used as fuel), and your brain still says “I’m desperately hungry, give me more food”.

Fat doesn’t do that. Protein certainly doesn’t do that.

Sugar does.

Specifically, a sugar addiction.

People on Twitter love to try and be unique and claim that it’s “X oil” or “Y trans fat”, but it’s all BS.

Nothing stimulates an unnatural amount of dopamine in the brain, quite like sugar does. It’s caused a full blown worldwide addiction, and it needs to stop.

What’s more, is that this isn’t just affecting your physique. It’s affecting your testosterone, your motivation for financial success, and your sex life too.

Speaking of which…

Dopamine Fasting

The Average Relationship Life

The average man (around the 50% mark, by definition) is basically invisible to attractive women.

The old “red pill” saying is true.

Because he’s not in shape, he doesn’t make any more money than her, he’s low T and isn’t socially dominant, he’s bad in bed due to ED and a porn addiction….he doesn’t improve her life in any way…that’s the harsh reality of the game.

If he’s already married, it may well be a sexless one. It’s extremely common.

As women continue to push for more and more power in society, it continues to push the minimum threshold of attractiveness for you as a man, higher and higher.

I hope you understand this.

This trend is not stopping, and it will continue until society completely collapses (much like with the Ancient Greeks).

Right now you need to be in the top 20% to have a decent sex life.

I personally don’t think that’s difficult at all, and you should strive for higher, but that’s neither here nor there.

The point is that in another decade or two, you’ll need to be bare minimum top 5% in order to get what you truly want. Whether that’s a playboy lifestyle or a loyal wife, doesn’t matter, it’s the same underlying value mechanism.

If you’re nowhere near top 5% right now, I’d be extremely concerned about my future if I was you.

Dopamine Fast

The Positive: What To Do About This Bad News

The average guy is skinny fat and has low T.

It’s extremely easy to get into the top 50% of men. Unbelievably easy. So keep this in mind while reading the next few paragraphs.

The good news here, is that you can get into the top 5% without too much difficulty, provided that you destroy the bad habits that are currently keeping you down.

Whether your vice is porn, sugar, booze, politics, or something else, it’s all invariably some kind of dopamine addiction.

If you can rewire your brain for success, you can EASILY get into the top 5% of men and gain access all the rewards that come with that.

It’s as simple as rewiring your dopamine addiction from negative sources, into positive ones (i.e accomplishments, growth and achievements).


Dopamine Fasting.

I have a brand new mega program that’s showing you exactly how to free yourself of negative habits like porn, sugar, and other toxic addictions so that you unlock the ability to get into the top 1% of men.

The Ultimate Dopamine Fasting Program also includes one-to-one coaching, an accountability group, and lifetime access to IFFT. The guarantee with this program ensure that you literally cannot fail.

This is a huge opportunity fellas, take advantage.

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