Quit Porn In 7 Days Course


Dopamine Fasting

Learn How To Max Out Your Discipline Within 7 Days, So That You Can Finally Get To 800-1200 Testosterone


Do you struggle to stick to your diet for more than three days straight?

You can’t lose weight because after three days, you destroy three days worth of a calorie deficit.

Perhaps you have a sugar, porn or alcohol addiction?

Whatever the case is, you know that these habits are squashing your testosterone levels and your overall potential as a man (keeping you well away from 800-1200 which is where the ideal sweet spot is).

Maybe you’ve tried to quit before & failed? (It was because you didn’t follow a proper Dopamine Fasting regimen.)

Well, I promise you that this time you will be successful.

Not only because there is a specific Dopamine Fasting system for you to follow inside the course, but because I’m offering the best guarantee that you’ll come across on Twitter:

I will work with you one-on-one until you have MAXED OUT your discipline, and you’re well on your way into the 800+ T. That’s how confident I am in this 7 day program, and in the accountability/support I can offer you following on after this period.

Now you’re probably wondering who the hell is this guy to start talking about 800-1200 testosterone?

Well I personally used to be a massive sugar addict (as you can tell by the pic below). As of 2022 I don’t have any addictions at all, and the results are ridiculous:

And I promise you if you can max out your discipline levels, you now have the potential to optimise your testosterone levels (mine are currently ~1050) & achieve excellence in whatever area you pursue.

Just follow the 7 day program and you can do it.


Why Dopamine Fasting Specifically?

I’ve been writing for years now about the important of Intermittent Fasting, eating testosterone boosting foods, sleeping, training hard etc.

But I realised something.

None of it works if your brain is fundamentally wired the wrong way.

Your Brain Needs A Hard Reset

Guys have been eating eggs, oysters, the right macros, and taking all the right supplements but they’re still not successful.


Because if you are categorically addicted to something, you NEED to eliminate this before you can really make headway with the above.

You can eat all the eggs in the world, but if you’re tanking your T production with porn or sugar every few hours, how the hell are you going to get to 800-1200 testosterone? Or you BINGE every single weekend? How are you going to become a genuinely high T male when ONE WORKOUT feels like a massive chore??

You won’t!

You certainly aren’t going to get to 10% body fat either.

I hope you understand this?

Success is IMPOSSIBLE if you’ve got a dopamine addiction wired into your brain. It. Is. Not. Possible.

And here’s the thing:

You CANNOT moderate it.

You can’t just “watch 30 seconds of porn” and then turn off your phone.

You can’t eat “one spoonful of sugary cereal” and the put it down.

It’s BS. You have to quit PERMANENTLY following a tested system.

You’ve got to shift your brains motivation/reward system (dopamine) from negative (and unnatural) sources into positive ones.

The ONLY way to do this, is via Dopamine Fasting.


Where I Am Different

You may have heard of Dopamine Fasting before.

You may have watched YouTube videos that basically tell you to sit there and do nothing, and be bored witless.



This is for losers with no purpose. This will not get you into the top 1%.

If you want to have massive success with this stuff, you’ve GOT to replace your unnatural dopamine sources with positive, natural ones (success, winning, conquering).

This will do two things:

  1. It will obviously lead to a more successful and happier life
  2. It will make it FAR harder for you to slip back into old habits further down the road – if you never replace those bad habits, there’s just a gaping void in your life that’s wide open ready to be refilled by porn/sugar/IG

Replacing these bad habits protects the future version of yourself.

It’s SO important that you get this bit right.

You NEED an overarching goal that’s:

A) Life-changing

B) Achievable

C) Not too far off into the future

I show you EXACTLY how to do all of this inside the program.


What Exactly Do You Get In This Program?

I just want to say that I’m extremely excited about the life-changing potential of this program.

I think as time goes on and the world gets fatter and more addicted to the wrong types of dopamine (porn/sugar/Instagram/’fear porn’ news), the more life-changing this program is going to get.

But this program is an absolute monster.

It’s giving you all that you’ll ever need to free yourself of these dopamine sources and in the process, unlocking unlimited motivation and unlimited testosterone.

Specifically, you’re getting:

  • The 4 hour long Dopamine Fasting Program, broken out into 11 sections, all of which show you how to use Dopamine Fasting to transform your life within 7 days (literally reset your brain). This is a no-nonsense system that is going to save you a LOT of time instead of going back and forth, relapsing etc.
  • How exactly to forge your One Life-Changing Goal and use it to protect yourself from ever slipping back into old habits (once you’re truly addicted to success, there’s no going back).
  • The long-term Dopamine Fasting System (how to use it on an on-going basis to keep yourself from ever losing momentum in life). This is absolutely essential. Most people allow themselves to slip and start a descent back into old habits – I won’t let you do this. You NEED a long-term plan in place to keep the momentum going.
  • One-To-One Coaching with myself until you free yourself of porn, and have made significant progress towards your ambitious goal (30 lbs lost, $3k extra income, 800+ testosterone etc.), in addition to the 7 day system in the program.
  • FREE LIFETIME access to the Dopamine Fasting Telegram Accountability Group
  • FREE LIFETIME access to the Intermittent Fasting Fast-Track Program (the website there has over $1k worth of content – podcasts, videos, newsletters, Q & As, training programs, home workouts etc.)

With the one-to-one coaching guarantee, the accountability group, all combined with the power of this 7 day system, you can’t fail.

This is your path to the top 1%.

I really do mean this.

As things currently stand, most men have absolutely no chance because of their bad habits.

If you can free yourself and separate yourself from the rest, you are now in a position to make MASSIVE changes.


But How Do I Know I Won’t Fail?

I’ve been doing this in the health/fitness industry for six years now.

And every single time somebody fails with a potentially life-changing system, it’s because of one of two things:

  1. They stopped replying to messages (absolute insanity)
  2. They never actually tried to follow the system in the first place, maybe they thought they knew better(?)

Every other successful ‘fitness influencer’, ‘online entrepreneur’, and ‘online biz expert’ will tell you the same thing – there’s NEVER a 100% success rate because there’s always a % of people who don’t follow through for one reason or another.

The key to not failing?

Don’t be one of these people.

Simple as that.

The flipside of this is that I’ve personally witness dozens and dozens of men make GAME-CHANGING transformations within months, to the point of them literally crying tears of joy.

It’s truly heart-warming to watch, and something I never really expected getting into this online sphere.

If you’re ready to make a similar transformation & work towards the top 1% of men, make sure you get in on this weekend offer.


The Weekend Offer

Until Sunday evening (20th March), you’re going to be able to pre-order this program and gain immediate access to myself for one-to-one coaching on WhatsApp.

This program (and the coaching and all the bonuses) are going to end up north of $500.

But for this weekend, you’re going to be able to gain access to it for $97 only.


Because I want to offer it to a select group of you who are VERY serious on getting results, prove to you that I can get you results, and then I want the social proof that comes with testimonials.

That’s my honest motive for having such a low price for now.

This is an opportunity you’re going to want to capitalise on – pre-order the program now before the evening of Sunday 20th (the price will be shooting up to $197):