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Men Over 40, OMAD

Men Over 40

Something I’ve seen quite a lot in the ‘fitness sphere’, specifically with Men Over 40 who want to lose weight, is something similar to the following:

Guy is living a decent life. His relationships are solid. His income is solid. He gets to travel every now and then. And he’s….content.

This sounds fine and dandy, but when this is the case for many, many years beyond the age of 40 or so, particularly in a carb-filled and sugar-filled world, it tends to result in one thing:

Weight gain.

Eventually something happens. There’s always some kind of turning point. Something (or someone’s comment) leads them to measuring some kind of number – whether it be BMI, their scale weight, or as in the case of this tweet – body fat %.

To quote him:

“176. My motivation was a Nokia scale purchase that measures BF. In June 186/29.6 obese WTF… Now 176/24. Got a solid 9 pull-ups today. Been many years… feels really good. I’m 64. Goal is 18BF.

When guys realise they’re clinically overweight or obese, it’s a big slap in the face and it comes out of nowhere. All of a sudden their entire perspective shifts, the comfort is gone, and it’s like a firework has gone off under their asses.

I wish more people were like this.

A big clue as to how you can be more like this and have a sudden fire within you, is to hold yourself accountable by getting a DEXA scan – the most accurate body fat testing there is. You may be shocked. But you can turn this into motivation, like he did.

With this level of drive, 18% body fat is simply a matter of time (he’s currently at 24%). I believe he will want 15% by the time he gets there, and possible a little more muscle too. We’re men. We’re designed to grow & conquer, and maintenance bores us. (But that’s another topic for another time).

Either way, it would be an impressive achievement indeed, if he pulls it off at 64.

In a previous tweet, he mentioned that he had also been fasting using a wider eating window, but accidentally narrowed it down to 5 hours on one day, and preferred it.

It was easier to eat less calories, burn more fat, and drop more pounds off the scale. This backs up a trend I’m seeing more and more with Men Over 40 – the narrower the window, the better, it seems.

Some huge benefits to OMAD (or something close to it where you have a smaller meal 2-4 hours before it) are:

  • You’re going to get very full, in a very short space of time, on very few calories (the biggest factor)
  • You can eat a lot more food at social events if this meal is well-timed
  • You’re maximising HGH (human growth hormone)
  • You’re keeping insulin low (which is more important for Men Over 40 than younger men)
  • You’re maximising autophagy (the cleansing/detoxing process)
  • You’ll be eating in a manner that’s very long-term sustiainable, and will keep you lean for the rest of your life

All of these factors mean that you’ll be looking and feeling better than you ever thought possible, and probably in less time than you ever thought possible.

What are you waiting for?

If you’re looking for the ideal IF meal plan for you, check this out, and if you’re interested in combining this with a full-body program geared for maximum recovery and testosterone – ideal for Men Over 40 – then check out the James Bond program.


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