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Phen Gold Review: What Is It?

Phen Gold is something I’m excited about for my Intermittent Fasting journey, as I believe it has the potential to be one of the best fat burners out there, and will allow men to stay at 10% body fat year round with ease. So today, I’m going to do a Phen Gold review.

This is a fat loss supplement that works via several pathways – increased energy, reduced appetite, and improved performance in the gym.

It’s also a natural product that’s not the same as drugs like clenbuterol, or the ECA stack that bodybuilders use, and it’s also not designed to make you ‘feel’ like you’re on drugs either.

What Phen Gold DOES do, is give you an extra ‘kick’ in a sustainable manner (rather than yo-yo-ing up and down), and it’s an incredibly effective appetite suppressant – this is where the real magic is.

The cold, hard truth about fat loss is that the best fat loss regimen is the one that you’re going to stick to. And at least 50% of this is determined by how well you control your appetite/cravings.

Now, you still need to NOT consume sugar, and have a strong hold over your dietary habits before supplementing with anything. No supplement will make up for a diet of burgers and ice cream.

With that said, I believe Phen Gold may just be a huge contributor to your success with appetite control, if you’re already on a good diet like Intermittent Fasting.

Is Phen Gold Safe?

It’s made from completely natural ingredients like coffee, green tea, and L-theanine. So you’d have a hard time overdoing this and running into problems.

As I said, this is nothing like a drug called clenbuterol which bodybuilders use (and end up damaging their heart), as there’s been literally no reports of people expanding the size of their heart using green tea or coffee.

Therefore this is a long-term sustainable supplement you can use as part of your fat loss lifestyle, whereas something like the ECA Stack would NOT be long-term advisable if you care about your heart.

Phen Gold Ingredients

Alright, this is the good part. Let’s have an in-depth look at some of the ingredients in this powerful fat burner, which uses all the science-backed stuff:


So this is the one that everyone’s familiar with, and this is what’s going to be responsible for giving you the energy every morning, and keep you burning more calories despite being in a calorie deficit.

This is also the reason for Phen Gold having the potential to be an effective pre-workout as well as a fat burner.

The caffeine is dosed at 142.5mg, which is a nice solid amount to give you an extra kick, without overdoing it and giving you ‘jitters’ if you were to take something like ECA or the old-school Jack3d (from years ago, remember?)

This study found a strong link between caffeine and thermogenesis (fat burning), then you have this one which concludes that caffeine literally signals to your body to burn more fat via epinephrine.

Caffeine works.


L-Tyrosine in one word = energy.

Keeping your energy high on a diet is absolutely critical, because it stops your metabolism from crashing and it simply makes your diet more sustainabele.

You can do this via salt, fruit, and eating a ‘cleaner diet’ in general. But you can also do this through supplementing with L-Tyrosine.

It keeps your dopamine and adrenaline levels from being depleted, which can easily happens when you’re training very hard and in a calorie deficit. This study concluded that L-Tyrosine keeps you focused and ‘prevents decline in cognitive function in response to intense physical stress’.

Pretty useful.

In Phen Gold, this is dosed at 300mg.

Green Tea

This one’s an important fat burner for several reasons.

The biggest one is due the increase in metabolism that you experience, and the increase in calories out. Another major one is due to the appetite reducing effects (a very helpful drink if you’re doing Intermittent Fasting).

This meta study really delves into the benefits of green tea, and it’s a worthwhile supplement even if you’re just after the health benefits for your heart, brain and liver.

A real all-rounder.

In Phen Gold, this is dosed at a very solid 500mg.

L Theanine

L Theanine comes with a ton of benefits, from reducing anxiety to enhacing mood, to improving sleep quality.

This study looked at the anti-obesity effects theanine has, reporting a ‘limiting effect on adipose tissue build up’, reduced levels of triglycerides, and fatty acids in the blood.

It also appears to have highly synergistic effects with caffeine and green tea, all of which are included in Phen Gold.

Benefits Of Phen Gold

Before writing this Phen Gold review, I came to the following conclusions:

If you’re say, 25% body fat or more, and you’re eating junk food every night, ordering take-aways and getting drunk on the weekends, then it’s not going to do anything.

But if you’re already in a calorie deficit and you have a diet plan that you’re working on, but you just lack a bit of discipline eery now and then, THAT is when Phen Gold is going to be of major use.

Your diet is on point 90% of the time (rather than 10%), but you’re struggling to stick to it every day and sometimes the cravings get the better of you and it screws up the entire day.

This is when Phen Gold will take your results to the next level. This is why:

Your Appetite & Cravings Will Be Significantly Suppressed

I would argue that this is the largest factor in terms of dietary compliance, and Phen Gold will absolutely help you with this.

Partly due to the caffeine, somewhat due to L Theanine, and definitely due to the Green Tea. Getting your cravings down is one of the biggest keys to success with dieting. The goal is to not even want the sugary foods in the first place.

You Will Have More Consistent Energy

Or more ‘clean energy’, if you will.

The problem with some of these hardcore drugs is that they hijack your brain/dopamine response, and you feel amazing for 1-2 hours. But the problem with this is that any major artificial spike is always followed by a ‘comedown’ period of negativity and low energy.

Phen Gold doesn’t do this.

The caffeine does is moderated, and then it’s backed up with longer lasting (and natural) soures of energy like Green Tea and L Tyrosine.

You Will Burn More Fat

This of course is the biggest one, with two assumptions:

  1. Your diet is at least good most of the time (and then the appetite reduction leads to increased fat loss)
  2. You’re training regularly already (the cardio you’re already doing will become more effective due to the L-Tyrosine, and your workouts will be more intense due to the 100mg of caffeine).

Fat loss not only makes you look better, but it also improves just about every major health marker, especially if you’re over ~20% body fat or so.

It’s a great place to be.

If like this Phen Gold review, and you’re interested in using Phen Gold to enhance your current Intermittent Fasting diet, then click on the image below:


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