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Ah this should be fun.


I’ve been tweeting a lot recently about the insanity of the Carnivore Diet (and you thought Keto was stupid enough), and how extremists have taken it to another level with this brilliantly-crafted genius of an idea.


The very people who need moderation the most, have now continued further along their path of ridiculousness. The Carnivore Diet is one whereby you CANNOT eat the following, ever:


  • Fruit (!)
  • Veg (!)
  • Dairy
  • Grains
  • Nuts
  • Seeds


And of course, not simply 20g of carbs per day; that 20g will kill you. So they’ve taken it a step further – zero carbs.


Carbs Are Evil™, Death To Carbz™, You Don’t Know What You’re Talking About, Calories Don’t Exist Because Carbs Messes Up My Insulin Sensitivity So Just STFU!! GRRRRRR!!!™


Ah, we all know how low carb diets inevitably end, so I won’t go into that today. Let’s review this article, titled “90 Days on a Carnivore Diet”.


The Carnivore Diet


Okay so now we know what the Carnivore Diet is (sounds fun doesn’t it!), we can have a look at what people think of it, then I’ll give you my two cents.


The title, at least the “90 Days” part, is also an immediate give-away of the truth, which is something I’ve been shouting about for years; low-carb diets are hopelessly unsustainable.


But people will be people, and will continue to yo-yo regardless.


Here’s Andy’s intro:


“Diets have become increasingly ruled by ideology in modern times, which isn’t surprising considering we live in an era of unfettered ideology.”


Agreed. And you’re falling for this exact cultism mindset by trying the Carnivore madness.


He then goes onto give a bit of a background:


“A few months ago, I got my body fat percentage accurately measured, and I realized that I was in dire straits, and since I was unable to do much exercising due to a knee issue I decided I had to do something drastic.”


This is the thing that instantly strikes me when Ketards and people who have “success” with the Carnivore Diet – they talk about the fat loss, the miraculous improvements in health and blood markers etc…


But do you really think it’s because meat cures everything?




Or do you think you were just a fat b*****d, ate loads of junk and never exercised, and as soon as you stopped acting like an idiot, it was all bound to improve?


Perhaps meat isn’t magic, and perhaps it’s the latter.


“I want to emphasize that different diets can work for different people and I have spent an extended period dissecting all of the “health gurus” out there at the variability of the studies they cite. We see such a tremendous variability in diets across the world.”


Yep, it’s not about the diet, it’s about the existence of a calorie deficit, the size of it, and the ability to stick to it (which is where low-carbers fail miserably over the long-term).


“Point being I lost 30 pounds in 90 days and experienced no ill health effects or nutrient deficiencies. I felt fine the entire time and I did not notice any significant improvements in my mood or mental health as some people experience. An important thing to note is that on a low carb diet your body loses a lot of water weight, so it’s not as if I just lost 30 pounds of pure fat but based on before/after pictures the reduction in body fat was pretty significant. Diet adherence was excellent, and while I had the occasional plant food in the form of tea or coffee or the use of seasoning, 97% or so was only meat (along with some eggs). By meat I mean any animal, so that includes beef, pork, fish, chicken, turkey, all as minimally processed as possible.”


At least he’s honest about the water weight thing.


But the 97% thing in my experience, means that he DID eat plants. Not eating fruit or veg for extended periods of time is not a clever idea and will lead to dietary problems eventually. I struggle to believe that whenever he ate with other people, or ate out across this entire quarter, that he never ate ANY:


  • Fruit (!)
  • Veg (!)
  • Dairy
  • Grains
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Dairy


Vast experience has taught me one thing with dieters:


They are not honest when talking about their true consumption.


It’s just a fact of life I’ve come to accept.


“Calorie counting is a difficult thing to get right and while it can work, I just had no desire to do that. There are a lot of other factors that determine fat gain and fat loss than simply calories.”


Oh, you dumbass.


This is where people are still silly little animals with no pre-frontal cortex. It makes them so easy to manipulate and control it’s laughable. Ah whatever, they deserve it.


But no seriously, calories = energy.


If there is no energy deficit, there is NO TAPPING INTO YOUR BODY FAT STORES, you muppet.


Without a calorie deficit, you’re not losing fat.


Typical, emotionally-driven fool (there’s a lot of these on Twitter) who is unwilling to count calories and would rather get a hard-on over the new sexy diet, rather than acknowledge reality.




The Carnivore Diet & Health


If you want the honest truth about this diet and people’s health improving, this is it:


They were previously in dire straights – fat and overweight, and the weight loss itself, which is one of the main drivers of overall health, offset any dieting stupidities they committed in the process.


That is it.


Mike Israetel (genius) very much agrees with me.


Losing weight when you’re a high body fat individual is your number one health priority. Nothing else will compare to losing weight. Lose weight at all costs. And this is exactly what the Carnivore Diet does.


Sustainable? Absolutely not.


Good for health if you’re already in reasonable shape? Don’t be stupid.


If you want a good idea of how to lose weight sustainably, enjoying the process as much as possible and having sky-high energy and strength, then start Intermittent Fasting properly.


You’ll get ripped, keep the fat off, and actually enjoy it.


It’s great.


You get to lower your body fat set-pointget maximum energy and strength, a flexible lifestyle and unlimited food options, and have fun with it.


No stupid rules. No limiting food choices. Only sensible fat loss.




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