How To Hit 10% Body Fat With Killer Habits


How To Hit 10% Body Fat

Starting out on a diet is tough, especially if you’re inexperienced or have been eating a lot of junk for an extended period of time.

I’ve always said that the first week is the worst, because it’s such a sudden relative change.

And its a similar principle with starting a business or a side hustle.

It’s really difficult at first, especially if you’re already busy at your main job.

But what if you could do the ‘right actions’ without forcing yourself to?

What if you could want to hit the gym after work, or eat clean foods, or work on your side hustle?

Imagine the financial and fitness success you would have if these actions were no longer chores!

Well, this is where habits come in.

Habit Formation

It now feels really ‘weird’ if I go more than three days without hitting the gym. It’s a nice place to be, as it pretty much guarantees that I’m not going to be losing muscle or my overall physique.

I also no longer desire junk food apart from extremely unusual circumstances.

I really just don’t want it.

(Although I’m definitely not there yet with alcohol, just to be completely transparent.)

But how did I get here with fitness?

Step 1)

You need to practise the desired habit every day, for about three weeks.

This will likely be a painful period, but you simply have to man up (stop being a p***y) and do it regardless, whether it’s the gym, cardio, or not eating junk or drinking booze.

Step 2)

After this period, things will likely get easier, but you still need to make sure that you don’t relapse and fall into the common dieting traps that most people fall for.

You don’t have to keep doing this habit every day if you don’t need to (think: lifting), but you need to structure your life so that you have very low odds of relapsing into laziness.

This is still not an easy stage – it’s just a small step up from step one.

Step 3)

This is where you’ve been doing your new habit for a full four months (yes, FOUR), and the results are really starting to pay off. 

It’s now a new part of your lifestyle.

You’re looking better, you’re feeling better, and really don’t even want to go back to your old self. You’re enjoying the process now.

Step 4)

You get to the final stage of habit formation, stage four, after about a year or so.

After a year, the habit is truly deeply ingrained into your subconscious, and it feels ‘weird as hell’ to not do it, and you must do this thing soon in order to feel ‘normal.’

If this habit is a good thing, you’re going to be a successful sonofabitch.

It’s hard not to be.

If you can get to the point whereby you can stick to your Intermittent Fasting plan every day and not even want to deviate, you’ll be 10% body fat in no time.

If you can get to the point whereby you stick to your full body gym routine every week, training intensely, and you don’t even want to get lazy, you’ll be muscular and powerful in no time.

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