5 Ways To Get Your Lean Beach Body Faster


Beach body


Everyone wants the beach body, but nobody wants to put in the work. But if you’re ready to be an exception to the general rule, I’ve got some great tips today for you. These tips will get you looking great and turning heads at a much faster rate.


As always, the goal of getting lean is not to do it as fast as possible and then regain all the fat at a later date because you stupidly dieted in an unsustainable fashion. No, that’s never good. But if you’ve already built a solid base through excellent habit formation, it may be okay to step up your game and put your foot down on the gas a little.


Time to get that beach body:


Number 1 – Add In A Fresh Cardio Session


This is in addition to what you’re currently doing every week. I highly suggest spicing things up and changing up the type of cardio you do. If you’re a LISS guy, add in some HIIT (be careful though!) If you’re a HIIT guy, add in some LISS.


The goal though, is to burn more calories per week. Burning more calories per week will of course get you leaner faster. You also want to remember the muscle sparing effect of cardio – in that for any given calorie deficit, the more cardio you do (to an extent), and the more weight lifting you do (to an extent), the more muscle is spared.


The inverse of this is a guy who is dieting at the same speed as you, yet never does cardio and never lifts weights. More of his energy deficit will come from muscle tissue, which is really bad, obviously. And then this by default means that he loses less fat.


So remember that cardio is always great for fat loss.


Number 2 – Don’t Be Scared Of Cutting Fats Or Morning Carbs


When on a diet myself or coaching clients, I’m very, very flexible with where the calorie deficit comes from. Carbs and fats can be largely interchangeable, assuming these are relatively “clean” or micronutrient-dense calories.


Now if we’re talking sugar vs healthy fats such as eggs, salmon, mackerel, avocados, that’s different. The same goes for high saturated fat foods like high-fat meats, vs oats, brown rice or sweet potatoes.


But generally speaking, if you’re still eating a decent amount of healthy fats and clean carbs, you could reduce either. They are largely interchangeable.


The reason why I say morning carbs is because morning carbs tend to make people want more carbs, and you’ve got another 12+ hours of this crap. Whereas if you want more carbs in the evening, it’s not too much of a problem as you don’t have that much time left in the day for cravings to be cropping up.


Another benefit of having carbs in the evening compared to the morning is that they tend to help with sleep quality on a diet. It’s not an issue if you’re at maintenance calories or higher. But when you’re quite lean and seeking to get leaner, low carbs disrupts your sleep. It’s hard to sleep when you’re hungry.


Either way, it’s up to you to make a decision. Carbs or fats. Pick one, and dig into them for faster fat loss.


Number 3 – Schedule A Daily Walk


A huge cause of obesity in busy Men Over 40 is a lack of general movement throughout the day. Scheduling a 30 minute walk every day will go a long way to alleviate this. Get up earlier and go to bed earlier if timing is a problem. This is a fantastic way to start your morning, you get:


  • More calories burned
  • A positive, refreshing start to your day, every day
  • Appetite regulation
  • Reduced cravings


Great stuff. Walking gets you lean, assuming your diet is on point.


Number 4 – Eliminate Alcohol


Whilst this is not necessary and I’m all for having a great social life whilst getting lean and having the best of both worlds with most things, cutting out alcohol will of course make your life a lot easier if you want to get that beach body quickly.


It cuts out not only empty calories that provide zero value to your body, but it also reduces cravings, hangover impulses and drunken impulses. It helps with diet adherence, essentially.


It will also boost your average weekly workout quality too, which is always a nice benefit. Another factor is that alcohol definitely reduces testosterone levels, which is already a major problem in Men Over 40. We don’t want to make this any worse. Speaking of testosterone…


Number 5 – Get On TRT


This will basically act as a buffer against the majority of age-related problems you will experience as Men Over 40, including:


  • Health problems
  • Energy
  • Strength
  • Muscle atrophy
  • Greater muscle loss in any given calorie deficit, relative to fat loss
  • Sex drive
  • Happiness
  • Appetite regulation


So as you can see, there are A LOT of benefits to be gained from going on TRT. You will absolutely get your beach body faster by going on TRT. Of course it is a huge investment so you must do your due diligence first. Health should be your primary motive with this one.


Okay there you go, there are five ways to get your sexy, lean beach body faster this summer. Get to work 🙂


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