3 Reasons Drinking More Water Will Get You Your Beach Body Faster


Beach body


In a survival situation, you can survive without food for several weeks. Surviving without water is a different story though. You’d be lucky to last more than a few days, and that’s if you were really smart about it. Water is absolutely crucial.


Not only is it key for health and survival, but also during a fat loss phase. If you want to be hungry and have appetite regulation issues, one of the best ways to induce this is to not drink enough water.


Here’s the three reasons drinking more water will get that beach body you’ve been dreaming of:


Number 1 – It Fills Your Stomach Up


I know that that sounds like a bad thing on the surface, but remember it’s just a temporary thing. The long-term effect of this is that whilst you’re more bloated, your actual tissue is being burned. This means when the bloating goes down, you have clearly become far, far smaller.


The benefits of feeling more bloated are that it sends “I’m full” signals to the brain which make you want to eat less, even though you’ve not actually consumed any extra calories to get that effect.


It’s almost tricking your brain – and it works. It’s very effective. Time it with large, volume-dense and fiber-dense meals for maximum effectiveness. Ideally have a LARGE glass of water (or two) before each meal as it will stop you from being tempted to eat more than necessary.


Number 2 – It Regulates Your Appetite


Many many people go around thinking about food all day, thinking they’re hungry. They’re not. They need more water. The best way to mess your appetite regulation, apart from a lack of sleep and having too much sugar, is being dehydrated.


Number 3 – It Gives You More Energy


This is fantastic for general health, but it also allows you to feel less crap on a diet and less lethargic. We don’t want to be any more lethargic than we need to be, which is a genuine problem once you’ve been losing fat for a while.


An energy deficit creates a lack of energy, clearly. But we don’t want to top this off with a greater energy problem due to lack of hydration. Water gives you more energy, will make you feel better, and will give you better cardio sessions too.


Cardio is crucial for fat loss, I don’t care what anyone says. It’s not essential, but it becomes very important if you have a naturally large appetite and don’t want to end up starving yourself.


Very important stuff.


There you go – drink more water, feel more full, feel better and smash those cardio sessions. That beach body is calling you.


Enjoy 🙂


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