You Will Yo-Yo Diet Forever If You Don’t Escape From This Trap…


Men Over 40


Our culture, Western culture, is completely and utterly plagued by instant gratification. It’s not just the millenials; it’s also Men Over 40. Left-wing political views (yes, America regardless of Trump is largely left-wing, especially the younger population) combined with technology, has lead to a very entitled, lazy and deluded population.


To be clear, this is the West as a whole, which includes:


  • America
  • Europe
  • New Zealand
  • Australia


It’s all the same in terms of the overall, macro-level weakness. The weakness is cause by left-wing political views held by the majority, but it’s amplified by technology. Technology can be a truly wonderful thing, but the reason why it’s so often a bad thing is because people are already lazy and it’s making them worse. People are already entitled and deluded, and it’s making them worse.


Socialism basically demands that everything is shared equally. This does not work in real life, at all. This isn’t how our biology designed us. Equally splitting money, resources and everything equally removes all incentives to work in the first place, and replaces incentives with comfort and lazinessIt sounds nice on paper, but in reality, it’s an absolute disaster.


This spreads into the entire culture and the overall mindset of everyone like the plague. This is on a macro-level, and doesn’t necessarily apply to any individual. But be aware of the powerful force that this can be. If you live in a lazy culture, you’re more likely to be lazy.


The Trap For Men Over 40


The longer you’ve been a part of this culture for, the harder it will be to escape from your shackles. Being imprisoned within a weak, entitled, Socialist culture obsessed with instant gratification will take a toll on your mindset over the years. Socialism is horrendous. Right-wing stuff can be equally stupid, but Socialism is more prevalent in the West and it affects people negatively fitness-wise on a mass scale.


Dieting is hard enough as it is. But the obsession with instant gratification will keep you perpetually losing weight just to re-gain it all back at a future date. Diets like Keto, Paleo, and other unsustainable endeavours will keep you on that hamster wheel forever, if you allow them to. Marketers know this. It makes them more money. They know people are weak and are completely controlled by their emotions and have zero ability to look at anything further into the future than about 30 days.


Pushing your calories downwards too quickly just to look good for “that wedding” or for “that holiday” is a mind-bogglingly stupid and short-sighted thing to do. Give yourself more time, diet properly and keep the damn weight off. Look at the big picture.


How To Escape From The Lazy Culture


Instead of doing the typical, short-sighted crap, look at the big picture. Set your long-term goals, make the plans, and have short-term targets to hit to keep yourself on track. I personally have multiple monthly targets I need to hit, with:


  • Fitness (weight lost, or weight gained if I’m lean bulking)
  • Income
  • Blog posts
  • Savings


and I highly recommend you also have monthly targets. They are short-term enough to keep you very focused on making progress.


Have deadlines, but DO NOT base them off some external event like a wedding or a beach holiday. Have your own deadlines. The biggest reason why people explode on vacation is because they have the wrong mindset; their diet is now “over”, so they can “relax”, and not do any “fitness stuff.” They set their deadline for the end goal based on an external event.




The beach vacation should be “maintenance”. Read the above link to learn how to not screw up your fitness whilst travelling the world. I managed to lose weight. No excuses guys.


Finally, make sure these deadlines are long-term and realistic. Losing weight permanently takes time. A lot longer than you think.


This long-term vision is what will stop you from being a complete idiot and trying to lose weight too quickly. Don’t make it any harder than it needs to be.


Be smart. Work hard. Value the long-term. You will escape from the lazy culture, and you will be far happier as a result.


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