How To Get Shredded Forever – Intermittent Fasting Introduction


Intermittent Fasting


Quite a while back, I wrote an article on Intermittent Fasting, which gave a general overview of what it is, and why it’s good. But it didn’t go into a great deal of depth on the “How to” side of things, which I now realise is a bit of a problem for most people.


I’ve read quite a few posts which describe Intermittent Fasting’s shortcomings, and how it won’t work for most people etc. from quite experienced guys who should otherwise know better. As I read these articles it became blatantly obvious that they were completely messing it up and not doing things properly. I will go into these mistakes in more detail in future posts, but to give a brief overview:


  • Jumping straight into Intermittent Fasting (and completely and utterly screwing up their eating schedule)
  • Not consuming any caffeine in the morning
  • Not having any snacks prior to breaking the fast (properly, with the first big meal)


Doing the above three will almost guarantee failure. You can’t radically change something and just expect your body to say:


“Uhhhh, I don’t really like this, and I feel like you’re depriving me of food so our survival may be at stake here, but uhhhhh, okay I won’t give you any trouble about it.”


Your body always fights back, whether you want it to or not. Caffeine in the morning will also help to suppress hunger and increase energy – very important.


The Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting


My dieting success completely transformed once I started fasting, and yours will too. That link explains how I lowered my body fat set point forever. If you’re sick of yo-yo-dieting, I would highly recommend reading that article.


The problem most people seem to face with Intermittent Fasting is that they can’t get over the hurdle of breakfast. They’ve been eating breakfast since they were kids and couldn’t imagine a life without breakfast.


For some reason I never really had this problem, and easily cut breakfast out no issues. But I believe most people still cling to the (false) belief that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that you’ll crash and burn without it. Even if they know deep down that it’s not true.


Before Intermittent Fasting, I remember always struggling to achieve any level of consistency with my fat loss. I would lose some fat, then I would screw up, every 10 days or so. My diet adherence was maybe 70-75%. Whereas once I started Intermittent Fasting, this shot up to about 90%, meaning that I screwed up a lot less. Even if this doesn’t sound like a huge deal, believe me, it is. These mistakes add up over time.


These days, I can routinely get down to 8% body fat, whenever I want, with unbelievably predictable results. Now, I’m not saying that it’s really easy. It’s not. But I know that if I do X, Y and Z for a certain amount of time, I get shredded, every time. No doubts, worries or uncertainties. Just put the work in, and BOOM, I’m there in a couple of months.


I want to emphasise that this is a result of the dieting system I follow and have tweaked over time, rather than elite genetics or drugs, or any other excuse you can think of. I can assure you that my genetics are very average, and I’m not on drugs. Furthermore, if your knee jerk reaction to a guy who is very lean is “steroids!!!” then I’m sorry, but you’re just misinformed. Steroids may assist a guy in maintaining his muscle whilst losing fat, but they won’t get him shredded. A calorie deficit does that.


Appetite Suppression


Intermittent Fasting works wonders for appetite suppression, assuming that you follow the above 3 bullet points. Assuming you ease yourself into the appropriate schedule so there are no shocks to the body, it will make you less hungry. Why?


You are essentially taking the calories that you would normally eat at breakfast, and you’re distributing them across your lunch and dinner. Say you normally have 600 calories at breakfast, you can now instead have 300 more at lunch and 300 more at dinner. Because of this, your stomach will be less full in the mornings and it will be a lot more full later on.


Because it becomes a lot more full later on, you feel a lot fuller than you normally would. This is especially true if you combine this with a large glass (or two) of water before each meal. Your stomach expands WAY more than it ever would do if you spread your food out more evenly across the day. It’s a useful trick when dieting. When your stomach is not full, you have caffeine. Simple.


It Easily Integrates With Your Social Life


This is possibly the biggest benefit of Intermittent Fasting, and it was particularly life-saving for me during the summers of 2015 and 2016. There were barbecues, house parties, golf days and nights out left, right and bloody centre. Intermittent Fasting saved my ass on multiple counts. I usually didn’t drink alcohol at most of these events, which took willpower. However, I did eat a lot of food, and my Intermittent Fasting system allowed me to do this.


I was allowed to eat loads of food with friends, family and women, and still lose fat, gradually becoming leaner and leaner by the week.


It was magic. I felt like a God. Of course, I wasn’t pigging out, as I still needed to eat at a caloire deficit. But I appeared to be eating loads, and I appeared to have a “fast metabolism” (haha). I also never missed out on any social events. I literally had the best of both worlds. I can’t describe how good it felt.


The reason why you can have a great life and still lose fat under this system, is that you shift calories from the morning, into the evening. The evenings are where people run into trouble when dieting with the traditional, evenly spread meals throughout the day.


I have never heard of someone sat there at breakfast, crying into their bowl of porridge because they’ve gone over their calorie limit and have been too stressed out, and have been unable to stop eating. Never seen it or heard of it. Now, people binging in the evenings? Happens all the time. People going over their calorie limits at house parties, barbecues, nights out? Yep, all the damn time.


Most people tend to binge, screw up and ruin their diets and many days worth of progress in the evenings, not the mornings.


Intermittent Fasting allows you to have more fun in the evenings without ruining days upon days worth of dieting progress.


To read the rest of the Intermittent Fasting Manual, sign up to my email list. I will send you a copy of the entire document, with four comprehensive stages, explained in full. These are the four phases I followed to:


  • Stop being chubby
  • Get ripped, lean & vascular
  • Sky-rocket my sex appeal
  • Boost my confidence
  • Maintain my strength whilst cutting
  • Improve my sleep whilst in a calorie deficit
  • Raise my testosterone levels through increased sleep quality & recovery from training with ‘clean’ carbs
  • STAY LEAN without rebounding
  • Develop an eating system that seamlessly integrated with the rest of my life


It’s literally a life-changing manual if you follow it properly, and it’s worth A LOT of money. But it’s yours for free.


Just sign up to the email list – the form is in the top right of the screen (if you’re on a computer), or at the bottom (if you’re on your phone). And no, you won’t be constantly bombarded with emails like with other email lists. Mine focus purely on quality.

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