The Top Reason Why Diets Fail: An Analysis


Men Over 40
But you have a blindfold on…….you have no idea where it is.


In this video, Paul talks about the top reason (in his opinion) why diets fail. In one word: accountability.


The Paradox


It’s an interesting phenomenon. People want to succeed really badly, they want to lose weight and are “willing to do anything”…apart from track calories.


Change food sources? Sure.


Do more cardio? Definitely.


Track calories? WHOA what the hell man?!?


It’s like I’m offering to beat them over the head with a sledgehammer.


Accountability is absolutely crucial, and if you don’t know where your energy balance is (which is kinda the most important dieting variable), then you’re shooting at your target with a blindfold on. It’s almost like a refusal to take responsibility for failure, I think.


To be honest, I don’t actually have the answers here. Paul thinks it’s because he thought he “knew it all”, but he’s different to most dieters in the sense that he is actually willing to track stuff. Most people aren’t.


I suspect it’s due to a deep rooted fear of failure. So if the diet does fail, then they can comfortably place the blame on an external source;


  • Stress
  • Their Boss
  • Their Kids
  • Their Wife
  • The Weather
  • Etc.


Which is nonsense. Everything in your life is your fault. It’s almost comical. The fear of failure brings upon actual failure. Interesting. I mean, it is possible to lose weight without tracking, but you’re not learning how to do this stuff properly. So if you ever screw up again in the future (on holiday, christmas etc.) and gain a bit of weight, every time you want to lose it again you’re just guessing. You’re not learning to fish for yourself.


Tracking your methods and their results is a crucial component of long-term sustainable dieting.


The Biggest Cause Of Failure


Now, although Paul is right and lack of accountability is huge, I would argue that there is a more important overall cause of failure; mindset. I’ve spoken about this loads, just read the archive. So I won’t go on about it in this post.


But I would like to revisit a previous question proposed by Jason Blaha in one of his videos:


“If you were trapped in prison for life, and the only way to get out was to hit 10% body fat, would you act differently?”




Although this question has flaws related to extremism and success at all costs which leads to other issues, it does give you an idea of the best strategy required to hit your goals. Hit them as opposed to giving up and failing halfway.


If the only way to get out of prison was to hit 10% body fat, do you think you would track your caloric intake every day? I think you probably would. Would you make sure you were eating a bucket-load of veggies and sleeping 8 hours per night? Yeah, you would – your freedom depends on it.


As I’ve said, everyone is capable of getting lean including Men Over 40. To say otherwise would be to say it’s impossible for some people to starve. Anything is possible when it comes to body fat, people just find it emotionally difficult to sustain.




Accountability is a must. I don’t believe you have to be super strict with your tracking, like a lot of bodybuilders are. However, you need to know the size of your current calorie deficit/surplus, how it’s affecting your body composition, and where you are planning to go with this calorie balance in the near future.


Get to work.


If you enjoyed this article and are motivated to lose weight, feel free to check out my coaching services here. Thanks, I appreciate it.

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