The Problem With 30 Day Fat Loss Programs


Fat Loss Programs


Note: You need to read this until the end to fully understand why the cycle is so addictive and powerful. This is a REALLY important post, and you’re missing out if you don’t read it all.


I’ve seen quite a lot of 30 day fat loss programs on the internet, some of which are targeted at Men Over 40. Fat loss programs are stupid. Let’s be honest, 97% of them don’t work in the long-run. I won’t insult your intelligence by trying to sell some quick fix. Young people fall for it every time. Older guys tend to be a little wiser.


Why 30 Day Fat Loss Programs Don’t Work


They appeal to your emotions. You think:


“Oh look, this will make me look super sexy for this wedding/beach/holiday/photo in less than 30 days. What a result!!”


“Oh wow I can’t wait to try this, I’m gonna transform in 30 days, everyone will be so impressed holy shit I’ll be the baddest badassery mother****er on the planet!!”


But it doesn’t work like that. Even if you do manage to completely transform, you’ll gain it all back. Actually, let’s play around a little bit with this scenario. Let’s have some fun. You have 3 possible outcomes with all this crap.


Outcome #1


You never lose anything. You try and try, but it’s just too stressful. You can’t stick to the diet for any longer than 3 days, and the most you lose is about 5 pounds, but you instantly gain it all back on the weekend. You know how many people this applies to? About 80% of dieters, at a guess.


Obviously this is a terrible outcome, and I needn’t say any more.


Outcome #2


This one is a little better. You actually lose a bit of weight. You start seeing the pounds disappear off the scale, and you look significantly better in the mirror. You also start to receive compliments from other people. It feels nice, doesn’t it. Wow, this 30 day fat loss program must be the Magic Pill Saviour I’ve Been Waiting For All My Life.


And then something happens. It was all going perfectly, but then some external event screws you over, because you have no line of defence. You’re already stressed from being on really low calories/carbs, and the external stressor pushes you over the edge, like a car teetering over a cliff’s edge.


Maybe your boss treated you like crap. Maybe your kids got into trouble at school. Or perhaps it’s just your wife nagging you, doesn’t matter. It pushed you over the edge, sucked the last drops of willpower out of you like a poisonous snake, and BOOM you’ve eaten half a cupboard’s worth of cookies.


You weigh yourself the next day. Aaaand you’ve gained 10 pounds.


“Screw this diet. Dieting’s not for me!! This is obviously just God’s way of telling me I need to love my body as it is.”


No, not it’s not. You just chose to pursue a shitty 30 day fat loss program.


Outcome #3


Similar to outcome number 2. However there is a BIG difference. You actually make it. You make it to your fat loss goal. You look sexy as hell on the beach, or at the wedding, or holiday or whatever. You are in the best shape of your life, and post pics all over the internet to prove it.


Everyone says how great you look.


“What a beautiful couple.”

“Looking cut ma brother.”

“Ageing has been kind to you sir.”



Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s great. You think that the 30 day fat loss program is the key to the world’s problems. This is the really insidious part by the way. Just stay with me here.


Once the novelty wears off, you settle back into “real life” whatever the hell that means. I can tell you generally what this means for most people:


They have completely and utterly failed to create a fitness “lifestyle”.


I don’t like to use that term too often as I think it gets thrown around too much, but you get the idea. People need to have a proper fitness lifestyle, it’s true. Those in outcome #3 have done very well, and I am proud of them. But they’ve got a long way to go.


Once they fall back into “real life”, they inevitably start to re-gain their weight. They’ve lost focus. They no longer have that goal pushing them anymore. So they fall back into nasty old habits and get fat. Such a shame.


But here’s the kicker, guys:


They don’t even realise where they’ve gone wrong. They simply look at the progress they made over the 30 day period, and think “Well I just need to do that again in order to re-lose the weight I’ve re-gained, but a little bit harder and more extreme.” 


Ohhhhhh boy.


And so the never-ending treadmill of needless suffering is perpetuated.


Why I May Appear To Be Bitter And Twisted


To anyone reading this, I may appear to be a bit bitter and twisted in regards to fitness and dieting. I’m not, as I’ve achieved massive success with it all myself. But I genuinely do want to help other people to do the same, and I struggle to get enthusiastic and supportive when friends and family tell me they’re “On a diet”, because I know that 97% of the time it will end in one of the three above outcomes. I’ve seen it ALL before.


I would call it wisdom, rather than bitterness. I get enthusiastic with my own goals, but struggle to do so with other people’s 30 day quick fixes.


I’ve also had my fair share of this stuff personally, and I eventually realised (due to my natural tendency to be a logical thinker) that nothing with a short-term focus actually ever works. It always has negative long-term consequences.


Firstly, it was with supplements. I tried creatine, whey protein (which is just food, guys, it’s a macronutrient like chicken breast, nothing special), pre-workouts, BCAA’s, you name it. I started measuring many, many different forms of weekly and monthly progress when on and off supplements, in the form of:


  • Bench strength
  • Squat strength
  • Deadlift strength
  • Bodyweight
  • Body fat (calipers)
  • Sprinting speed


And all of this in both the context of a bulk, and later within the context of a cut. I was a complete and utter sciencey little nerd. A sad, anal little weirdo. I mean, I was desperate to believe the hype, the marketing, and the belief that pre-workouts somehow turned you into the Hulk. But, can you guess what I found in my monthly measurements?


My progress in a calorie surplus, and maintenance in a deficit, was the exact same in both “on all supplements” and “completely free of supplements”. They made ABSOLUTELY ZERO DIFFERENCE.


The funny thing behind my psychology was that I wanted to believe the bullshit. Crazy. I was clinging to the belief that supplements worked like a child clinging to his teddy at night. Nope. They’re a waste of money. Accept reality for what it is. It makes you better off in the long-term.


It’s the exact same damn thing with quick fix 30 day fat loss programs. Exact same thing. They never, ever, ever work in the long-term. You need overall lifestyle changes for long-term success. The statistics don’t lie. Don’t be so naive as to assume you won’t become another one.


You may be like I was, and you may currently still want to believe that 30 day fat loss programs are the magic key to all of life’s problems. I can tell you I used to be the same, and no, they don’t work.


Note: I would also advise you to apply this to other things you may be doing with yourself. Is there anything you are currently doing which stems from the desire to believe what you’ve been taught/raised to believe? You’ll be shocked if you do this properly. It’s called Societal Conditioning. Often an insidious force that makes you less happy for no reason. 




Instead of the endless treadmill of suffering, the FAR superior solution is to build a fitness lifestyle. For me, the magic formula has been:


  • Having long-term fitness goals that will keep me going until the day I die, not a wedding shoot
  • Intermittent Fasting, and eating LARGE, protein and fiber filled meals in the afternoon/evening
  • Consuming as many carbs as possible whilst still losing weight
  • Having a sweet snack every evening
  • Doing some form of calorie-burning activity every day
  • Drinking a gallon or more of water per day
  • A minimalist, time-efficient training program
  • Drinking 1-2 coffees every morning
  • As soon as I’m old enough and can afford it, you can bet your ass I will be jumping on TRT


All of the above causes long-term success with muscle gain, and more importantly in our society, fat loss.


If you enjoyed this article and are motivated to lose weight, feel free to check out my coaching services here. Thanks, I appreciate it.

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