Pre-Workout Hype – Science Doesn’t Back It Up


There’s a lot of hype around pre-workouts, and just about every major YouTuber you can think of is pushing some kind of pre-workout supplement. Theirs is different to the rest, provides you with “clean energy” this and that.

Nobody is debating that these supplements don’t make you feel energised. But the problem we run into, is when the marketing implies that long-term muscle growth will occur because of these pre-workouts. This doesn’t happen in reality, and is something I’ve been saying for years.

Muscle growth occurs from hard work + sufficient recovery.

Pre-workouts help with the hard work, but hinder your recovery capabilities, hence, they don’t improve your long-term results.

A study was performed to test the effectiveness of a well-known pre-workout. This pre-workout included creatine, beta alanine, and of course, caffeine. The study was performed on 40 participants, who all took time off from any other supplements, all were fit and healthy, and they all followed a diet and training program given by professionals.

These participants were all under the guidance of professionals, and more or less had the ideal conditions to make gains. For guys who can’t afford coaching, this would be your dream scenario.

They split up these people into two groups; placebo, and pre-workout.


The Results

There was absolutely no difference in body composition between the two groups.

This was over a six week period. You could argue that there would be a difference over the long-haul, and the study does state that there needs to be more evidence over longer periods of time to confirm their findings. However, when you bear in mind the money that is being charged for this shit, which does absolutely nothing over a six week period, you have to put two and two together:

The supplement industry is a SCAM. All you need is food.

Everyone is promoting pre-workouts, protein powders etc, but they don’t make any difference. Seriously guys, just train hard in the gym, and eat enough food for your goals. It really is that simple.

People are being sold feelings – they feel like they’re having a great workout and making gains. If you aren’t making gains without pre-workouts, then it’s because your training sucks. Good training programs are all over the internet, and they’re free.

If it’s because you’re lacking motivation, you need to ask yourself:

“Do I really want to improve? Do I really want to lift x amount of weight? Do I really want to look incredible? or do I want to remain dis-satisfied and frustrated?”

Or maybe you need more carbs, or more sleep. Quite often a lack of those two leads to lethargy. OR, maybe you need to do more of what you enjoy in the gym – many people find isolation work to be boring.

The take-home message of this article is:

Gurus pushing supplements and pre-workouts in particular, are stealing money from your pockets. They don’t deliver gains. They merely rob you, and the sad part is, consumers get addicted to this stuff. Not good.

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