The IF Brotherhood

Intermittent Fasting

Something new & exciting that I’d like to introduce you to, is what is potentially the closest thing to a “Discipline Hack” when it comes to fitness.

In this case specifically, Intermittent Fasting.

The IF Brotherhood now has 27 members, and there’s 7-9 of us who are very active in there, with conversations around:

  • 40 hour fasts
  • Physique updates
  • Kettlebell/bodyweight workouts
  • Aggressive fat loss strategies
  • Beer affecting resting heart rate during sleep
  • Maximising REM sleep
  • Current diet set up and/or weaknesses
  • The emotional eating epidemic
  • Taking 36 hour fasts up to 50 hour fasts

And this is just in the first week or so.

When you have these kinds of conversations going on every day, with constant images of IF related content popping up in your notifications, it’s very difficult to lose focus and motivation with your IF routine.

And on top of this, you have the mandatory Physique Friday which forces you to be held accountable.

Accountability = Discipline.

You Need To Be Held Accountable

I promise you, your fat loss results will accelerate when your mind is constantly being bombarded with motivating images of guys in the same situation as you, making faster progress than you.


People always ask me about getting the right mindset.

They know they need to be disciplined, but they don’t know how to get there.

I’m telling you how to get there – you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with, and most of your friends (in a world of obesity), aren’t exactly 10% body fat with a strict IF diet.

You need to interact with guys who are serious.

It’ll make the world of difference.

Price will be shooting up for new-joiners at the end of this month, so get in now while it’s cheap:

Click Here To Join The IF Brotherhood

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