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There was a great tweet from one of my followers yesterday.


It was in response to this tweet from myself:



And in his response he said:


“Success in EVERYTHING requires the ability to trade what I want right now for what I want most.”




Get Some Discipline


It reminds me of whenever I see someone eating cake, or drinking bottles of coke (or whatever), or smoking weed. The question that always pops into my mind is “do you genuinely want to gain fat, look like crap and feel like crap?”


The thing is, these very same people are the first to complain when they always feel tired, unmotivated, lethargic, lazy, they don’t like how they look in pictures etc.




Don’t get me wrong; apparently I’m renowned at the airline I work for, for being the muscular guy who likes a good red wine or five. I like fun. Fun is good.


But at the same time I also have the ability to be incredibly self-disciplined when I have monthly targets I’m working towards.


Not many people seem to have the disciplined side to them. It’s all fun. No work. 


Then all you hear is:


“Ah I’m SO ILL”

“Oh I just can’t be arsed”

“I don’t feel like going to the gym”


It’s not a good place to be.


What Do You Truly Want?


All of this stuff comes down to this one question:


“Are you willing to consistently sacrifice your basic impulses for greater long-term baseline levels of happiness?”


The choice is an easy one for me, 90% of the time. Let me give you a handful of examples. (Seriously, this is potentially life-changing stuff. I’m not joking or exaggerating AT ALL with this):




Are you willing to resist the temptation to sit back (and do fuck all) after a long day’s work, and set up a small business on the side, in your spare time?


Or in my case, are you willing to resist the temptation of going on trips with work (and incredibly hot flight attendants), getting drunk, exploring exotic locations, and instead opt to work on your online business and boost your income?


Mine’s shot up recently.


If I didn’t do this, I would be choosing a few good times ahead of rapidly working towards (UK) six figures.






Are you willing to resist the temptation to spend money on complete nonsense? And instead save/invest 20% of your monthly income (or more!).


If you’re not, again, you’re choosing a few good times over growing your net worth. I mean think about it, every time you spend money that’s non-essential, you’re eating into your long-term freedom. You’re eating into your “fuck you” money.


Some fun is required to stay sane. But most people take “some” WAAAYY too far. The smart guys will spend a little money, have a lot of fun, and they will make sure they get some kind of mid to long-term return on that initial expense.




Are you willing to put down that donut? Or not order pizza at the restaurant and opt for something smaller? Or are you willing to go a few weekends without getting drunk? Or are you willing to sweat it out at the gym instead of being a lazy bum after a long day at work?


All of this is resisting your basic biologocial impulses that are desgined to keep you at homeostasis (the same).


You DO NOT want to stay the same.


This leads to boredom and unhappiness.


Many thousands of years ago, it was important for your own survival. But it no longer carries the same importance. We now have things like old age to look forward to (which is why you must save), the economy is fucked and prices are inflated to hell (which is why you need a solid income), and we are surrounded by junk food (which is why we must be disciplined with food).


Staying the same is dangerous, unless you’re already killing it in all three areas.


Continuous self-improvement is key.


Now, if you want to improve with fitness, this is my area of expertise. I’ll help you get disciplined with food, giving you exactly what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat, with my Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle meal plans.


These plans are exactly what I eat on a regular basis in order to get down to 10% body fat and then maintain it year-round.


I’m handing out the secrets to being shredded year-round here. Unbelievably valuable stuff that not many people are aware of. 


I mean, I think I’m the only person I know of who stays this lean year-round. And I know a lot of younger guys who are into fitness. If you can replicate these results, you will likely be the only guy in your social circles who achieves this level.


It’s very rare to see.


Anyway, if you’re fed up of:


  • Starving yourself
  • Sacrificing meals out
  • Sacrificing your social life
  • Destroying your love life (and sex drive)
  • Ruining your ability to travel
  • Lessening your fun at Christmas and NY
  • Stalling with your weight loss
  • Looking like a “diet freak”
  • Losing muscle
  • Looking too skinny
  • etc.


Then it’s time we fix it. My Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle allows you to enjoy food, eat like a king in the evening, and still lose fat. You have TEN DAYS left to get your IF meal plan at:




Then it will go up to at least $57.


Don’t miss out.


Click Here To Get Your Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan



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