What Leads To 10% Body Fat? Internal vs External Factors


For a while now, guys have been writing angry/resentful comments on Twitter in response to my tweets about certain actors getting ripped, and it’s a little concerning.

Today I’m going to address why these comments are largely bullshit.


Fitness Success & Woman Success

As men, we’re largely visual creatures and we tend to focus on the external, surface-level stuff. So I understand the temptation to focus on this whilst ignoring what’s going on underneath. But it’s usually not an accurate interpretation of reality. Let me give you some examples.

Let’s start with the ‘rich guy’ who has a really hot girlfriend (or wife). It may be tempting to look at him, see his woman success and instantly scream “it’s all because of his money!”

Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t.

Now if she is purely with him for money, then by default, she is not physically attracted to him, and he’s a complete beta. In which case you have to ask yourself whether or not that’s actually success (I would argue that it most definitely isn’t).

A good example of this would be the divorce-rape of multi-billionaire Jeff Bezos. Yes, extreme wealth will get you women. But not long-term success with women. Sorry, but it just doesn’t. Being (or becoming) a beta and then losing a HUGE % of your net worth is NOT long-term success. You’d have a very hard time convincing anyone otherwise.

If she is actually attracted to the ‘rich guy’, then it means that she’s with him for reasons other than money alone. And this is my entire point – it’s something going on internally that she’s attracted to.

It’s the same thing with the good-looking beta. He might get laid in clubs or off Tinder purely due to his looks. But once he starts getting needy and starts texting the woman every day with ‘I love you’s’ every 10 minutes, she soon loses interest. Again it’s internal vs external, and over the long-term, internal wins every single time.

Now onto fitness:

Let’s look at Daniel Craig in all the James Bond movies.

Again, although it’s tempting to look at his money, status and fame, and attribute his fitness success to all of these things, you have to look at the real-world realities. There are over 5 million multi-millionaries (look at the statistics) in the US alone. Most of these multi-millionaires are overweight. Clearly, money is not the driving force here.

Now let’s be fair, most of them also don’t have personal trainers and personal chefs, so let’s dig a little deeper.

Did Daniel Craig get ripped because of his personal chef or personal trainer? Sure, they help. But neither of them can force him to put down the cookies or the alcohol. ONLY HE CAN DO THIS.

A personal trainer may help you to burn more calories and train a little harder, but they aren’t going to get you shredded without dietary compliance on your part.

It’s the exact same thing with a personal chef. They may make life easier and make it a little less likely that you’ll go for the easiest and quickest option (which are usually higher calorie and higher sugar).

But neither person can consistently force you to maintain a calorie deficit. They just can’t.

The proof is in the number of cabin crew and pilots I work with who have personal trainers, yet are in poor shape. Whilst I’ve never had a P.T or a chef, yet am 10% body fat and have been for years (and many others like me have been).

Focus On What Matters Most

Focusing on the external too much is a waste of time, with fitness and with women. Yes, these external factors can help a lot (more so with women than fitness).

But long-term success comes from internal factors, whether you’re willing to accept this or not. With women, it’s from self-confidence and a strong frame. Without these, real, long-term success is impossible (think Jeff Bezos and the good-looking beta). With fitness, it’s from self-discipline. Without this, long-term success is impossible.

Daniel Craig got into fantastic shape because like me, he has a lot of internal discipline. If you build your discipline levels, you’ll succeed regardless of your net worth.

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