4 Things To Do When You’re Lacking Motivation




Our greatest need is the need for purpose. We need to always be working towards something meaningful and worthwhile. Striving for a new challenge. One of the greatest obstacles that gets in the way of all this, is laziness. A lack of motivation is an incredibly dangerous place for us to be, as it prevents us from meeting our basic need for purpose and progression.


There’s a lot of guys who struggle with motivation for the gym, for work and for life in general. For some guys, it’s due to obviously stupid decisions such as smoking weed, eating a crappy diet etc. But for others, it may not be quite so clear. If you’re in the latter category, this is for you.


Just to clarify, we aren’t going to be super amped-up and motivated 100% of the time. Occassionally we will have bad days due to sickness or some major external event that you have no control over. But, we need these to be the absolute rarities as opposed to the norm. These four actions will ensure that this is the case:


Number 1 – Review Your Goals


You need to get back in touch with the reasons why you started your fitness journey in the first place. Revisit your ideal strength levels, your ideal physique, and look at motivational pictures – guys who have better physiques than you already.


Write down a list of all the reasons you want to improve your physique. Write down a list of all the reasons you want to improve your health. Is it for general longevity reasons? Aesthetics? Family? Sex appeal? Energy? Live a longer, fuller life? Write them down.


You want to be reviewing these whilst listening to positive, up-beat music that you personally find motivating. How good will it feel when you finally hit these goals?


If this still doesn’t work, write down what may happen if you fail to reach your goals. How disappointing would it be? Would other people very close to you be disappointed? I think they would be. I know this isn’t positive, but sometimes negativity can actually be a stronger motivator.


Sometimes we get comfortable, where our basic needs are met, life is okay, and well….comfortable. I’ve done it before. But the problem is, you end up paying the price eventually for being too comfortable. When we get comfortable, whether it’s in our careers, or relationships, doesn’t really matter; we gain weight.


Never allow yourself to get comfortable. Always be working towards one or two goals that motivate the shit out of you. Motivation is key.


Number 2 – Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Sleep


I can tell you now, it’s more or less impossible to be feeling good, and to be feeling motivated when you’ve had fuck all sleep. You need at least 7 hours. Some people are okay on 5 hours. But that doesn’t mean that they’re happy, or even close to it. It doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t be significantly better off on 7-9 hours of sleep every night.


Actually, far too many people are doing this. I remember when I was working for a UK airline; the common mantra was “Ah I’m fine, my body just gets used to lower hours of sleep”…no you’re not fine. You’re far from it, and would be surprised at how much better and more motivated you would feel if you sorted your damn sleep out. It’s pretty basic stuff.


In regards to the inevitable excuses that are now going through your head about how you don’t have time – nonsense. I really don’t care. I’ve written before about how “I don’t have time” when applied to fundamental requirements for health and happiness simply means you’re seriously fucking up your priorities. Big time.


Guys will say this to me in regards to both diet and sleep. You can’t afford to fuck these two up – you need them to be spot on. Not having time for sleep or a good diet is the height of insanity. I’m not exaggerating; it’s madness. Your health is at stake here! Plan ahead, learn some time management skills and techniques and this won’t be such an issue.


More sleep will make you feel more energetic and will increase your levels of motivation. End of story.


Number 3 – Watch Your Sugar Intake


Sugar is a bugger. A little every now and then is okay, but the problem is a little always turns into a lot, and then before you know it, it’s now a daily habit. Once it’s a daily habit, it will affect your daily energy levels and motivation every single time.


The thing is, it’s not just the fact that it makes you gain weight (assuming you’re in a calorie surplus), but it’s the fluctuations in daily energy levels that screw you over. It’s the inital spike that’s inevitably followed by a sharp drop in energy and increase in lethargy.


So if this is happening to you every single day, you can’t help but feel shitty and unmotivated. Watch that sugar. Replace it with oats, potatoes, fruit and veg. Far better for your sustainable energy levels throughout the day and far better for keeping you feeling alert etc.


Number 4 – Get Some Blood Work Done


If you’re still having problems even after these three have been addressed, it’s time to get your blood levels done. You may have a dietary deficiency that you need to specifically address, maybe vitamin D3, maybe you need TRT etc.


As that article linked will explain, testosterone issues are becoming more and more common among men now, and there are various causes etc. but it’s worth checking out, particularly if you’re over age 40. Another problem you may have is a Thyroid issue, i.e too high T3. Either way, a blood test would reveal this.


You would need to do your own research in advance on the appropriate numbers for each test btw. Your doctor/nurse may say that these numbers are “normal” for your age, but I wouldn’t simply accept that if most men over 40 are verging on mild depression. “Most” may be a slight exaggeration, but you know what I mean – you need a good idea of what numbers are required for a healthy, strong man who needs optimal energy levels and motivation.


Our politically correct society doesn’t pay due attention to these problems, so you need to do this for yourself – don’t take anybody else’s word for it. Low motivation is always bad and you need to sort it out.


If you address these 4 steps in that order, you will hit something that will eventually sort out your lack of motivation. These are proven strategies that work, and you would be wise to start doing them.


Good luck!


If you enjoyed this article and are motivated to lose weight, feel free to check out my coaching services here. Thanks, I appreciate it.

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