The 2 Pronged Approach To Guaranteed Weight Loss

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting

Recently, I tweeted about the shocking sugar statistic:

Americans have gone from consuming 8 pounds of sugar per year, per person, to 150 pounds, in less than a century. One-hundred-and-fifty. Shit.

Converting into grams, that means Americans have gone from eating about 10 grams of sugar per day (not bad at all), to 186 grams per day. Wow.

Sugar is not the sole cause of the obesity crisis, and I never claimed it was. But what I DID say, is that nothing else is capable of making a person have tons of spare energy in the form of body fat, and still think they’re ‘hungry’ 24/7 and need even more energy.

Sugar is responsible for that.

One of the responses to my tweet backed up what I was saying – this guy had lost 50 pounds since he quit sugar nine months ago. 50 pounds! That’s even more than this guy. That’s the kind of weight loss where people barely recognise you when they’ve not seen you in a long time, and follow up with something like:

“Where’s the other half of you gone?”

Eliminating sugar, I would argue, is one of the biggest reasons I ended up blasting through my plateau at 17% body fat (in combination with Intermittent Fasting, of course), and started speeding towards 8% body fat.

The underlying factor was always calories, of course, as it always is. But as I keep saying on Twitter – the goal is to make consuming less calories as easy as possible, and sugar directly conflicts with this goal.

The reason I was at a ‘chubby’, bloated 17% body fat for so long, was because the amount of sugar I was eating every day was making it damn near impossible to stay in a calorie deficit for very long.

One bowl of cereal was never enough. One portion of Chinese at lunch was never enough. One meal was never enough (without dessert).

Sure, you can do IFFYM (if it fits your macros), but it’s not a good long-term solution for easy fat loss, especially if you’re not a naturally small-eater (I certainly never have been). Getting your sugar consumption down is almost guaranteed weight loss.

So how do you do it?

There’s no easy way, but my general recommendation is to execute the following two-pronged approach to your diet:

  1. Man up, and force yourself to drink black coffee in the morning
  2. Replace all sweets, desserts and junk food, with fruit

The replacing of sugar with fruit will make your life a lot easier, and you’re more likely to successfully pull off the zero sugar mission and guarantee long-term weight loss.

Things like apples and oranges are absolutely perfect – they’ll satisfy your sweet tooth and satisfy that urge, but without forcing you out of a calorie deficit and making you even hungrier, like ‘normal’ sugar would do. In fact, fruit tends to do the opposite.

With black coffee, your body fat stores don’t care whether or not you like the taste. Drink it anyway. Nothing will make you more accustomed to bitter tastes (over sweet tastes) more than black coffee. It’s really, really powerful.

Now if you’re struggling to lose weight and you need to get your diet perfect, then check out the Intermittent Fasting meal plans I offer – you’ll get my entire eating system, with the right calories and macros for you.

You’ll also see what time is best to eat fruit, drink black coffee etc., and this will help you to eliminate sugar, for good.

If you want on-going help with both your IF meal planning, training program, and have everything completely custom-tailored to you, then check out my coaching services.

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