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I’ve been getting a lot of questions on Instagram and Twitter about workout programs:

– What routines do you suggest?

– What’s the best split?

– What exercises should I be doing?

– What should I be eating?

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Now I have the answers to all those questions in my free programs, all you need to do is sign-up by email. These programs will help you to make consistent, sustainable gains, focusing on the stuff that matters. They are also fun, and you have regular opportunities to hit PR’s with some additional flexibility on isolation exercises to hit personal weak points and play around with.

My programs are different to most, as the weights are based off recent multiple rep maxes, as opposed to 1 rep maxes. These are far more accurate and reliable when trying to ensure the right amount of weight is on the bar for the desired training effect. Rather than use some arbitrary number that you tested months ago, or used an online calculator to guesstimate, we have specific, accurate numbers to use.

The Nutrition Plan follows a similar pattern. This means that rather than using a calorie calculator to guesstimate your maintenance calories, we track the calorie intake for a week along with body weight, then average the numbers out, and determine our requirements from there. Again, this is far more specific and accurate.

There are 3 workout programs:

  1. Beginners
  2. Advanced Beginners
  3. Intermediates

The programs are set up fairly similarly, but the key difference between them is progression speed. By progression, I mean adding weight to the bar, reps, sets etc. As long as there is progressive overload and you are eating at a calorie surplus (provided you aren’t at your genetic limit), you will get bigger and stronger. Increasing the total volume for a given rate of progression, provided you can still recover, increases the speed at which you will get bigger, however the potential drawbacks to this are that:

  1. The progression is less sustainable
  2. It takes more time, energy and therefore focus away from other goals
  3. You are more likely to get injured

The Beginner Program is for complete beginners, the Advanced Beginner Program is for those who know their key numbers on the “Big Four” and maybe have slightly slower progression rates, and the Intermediate Program is for guys who are definitely experiencing a slowdown in progression.

There is also a Nutrition Plan, with 4 options – 1 on each tab. These are tailored towards your specific goals, and have varying suggested calorie intakes and macronutrient breakdowns. The Nutrition Plan can definitely be used alongside the training programs, however if you are following either the “Sustainable Fat Loss” or “Aggressive Shredding” options then don’t expect to be progressing on the weights for too long.

In this scenario, I would suggest aiming to maintain which would mean stop adding reps and weight, and remove 1 set from every single exercise, every workout. Of course, keep aiming to hit PR’s on the last set of every exercise, but keep the base level of volume lower (2/3 of the normal program).

These programs will help to give you a focus and to keep you getting bigger and stronger, or to maintain your strength whilst leaning down.

Enjoy! 🙂

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