Body Re-Composition – Should YOU Try To?

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Body Re-Composition – is it possible to have the best of both worlds, and should YOU personally try it?

It’s perfectly possible.

However, it’s not optimal for most people in the long run. Let me explain why.

Body Re-composition
If everyone could successfully execute body re-compositions in the long term, we would all look like this guy!

A successful body re-comp is the holy grail of bodybuilding. Human nature is greed; we want everything and we want it now!

But, even though it is possible to gain muscle at the same time as losing body fat, it won’t last very long. This is particularly true the more experienced you become, and/or leaner you are. The only people who should try this are newbies who are also overweight. However, it’s crucial for all newbies to maximise their initial, unearthly gains, so unless they are at an unhealthy body fat level, I would much prefer to see them in a solid calorie surplus.

Make the most of the newbie gains, as they won’t happen again!

If there are any Economics students reading this, think of it as your physique’s long run maximum capacity. If you miss out on these early times when rapid growth is available for minimal effort, you will shortchange yourself later on.

It is also possible to gain muscle in a calorie deficit if you are returning from injury. If you have accumulated fat whilst injured, then this may be a viable option for you.

For most people however, trying to do both at the same time is very inefficient. Unless you are a beginner, or a roid-muncher, you will be able to succeed for a maximum of a month. After that your strength will start declining. If you’re genuinely in a calorie deficit, losing weight and body fat, it will catch up with you eventually.

Think about it logically. If we could actually have the best of both worlds in the long run, we would all be walking round at 5% body fat weighing 250 pounds!

So unless you are very fat, a newbie, or returning from injury, I would strongly advise against trying to do a body re-composition.

You will make far better gains in muscle if you spend a long period of time in a very small calorie surplus, minimising fat gain, like shown here. AFTER that, you can then get shredded, as shown here.

For students like myself, this is even more true. Trying to execute a body re-composition whilst at university is virtually asking to spin your wheels and waste your time. The empty calories from alcohol, the inconsistent sleep patterns make it impossible to sustain for any longer than a few weeks.

More to follow on student tips in the future! 🙂

So to conclude, without being overly negative (just realistic), the only people who should attempt a Body Re-Composition are:

  • Overweight individuals
  • Newbies who are very overweight
  • Those returning from injury
  • Juice monkeys (definitely go for a recomp! ;))




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