The Ultimate Home Workout Bundle

Are you a busy guy who struggles to hit your workouts consistently?

Are you worried that you’ll lose a ton of muscle on your diet because you never seem to be able to train enough?

Perhaps you’re just BORED, and looking for a change in routine? Something that can be done quickly, efficiently, and is motivating?

If any of these apply to you, then the Ultimate Home Workout bundle will make you a very happy man.


  1. Each of these 10 home workouts can be done in 20 minutes or less.
  2. Which means that your workout completion ratio will go from wherever it is right now (probably ~40-70%), up to 100%.
  3. This means MORE muscle mass, and a FASTER metabolism in LESS time per week.
  4. These workouts are also perfect for the man who travels a lot with work – there’s minimal equipment and time involved, so it fits in with the location changes very easily.

I will say a few things first though.

The problem that most of you guys face is a big one. Trust me when I say this:

If you’re only hitting ~50% of your workouts per week (meaning 1 or 2 sessions per week), I can guarantee that you’re losing muscle right now if you’re in a calorie deficit.

You may be falling down from 28% bf to 25%, to 23%, but I can assure you that it’s not all fat loss – you’re losing the good stuff too.


Because you don’t have enough time to hit all your workouts.

The Ultimate Home Workout Bundle aims to fix all of this with <20 minute workouts (with no driving, changing, or waiting for gym equipment on top of all this), and with really exciting, motivating, badass workouts that will rapidly change the shape of your physique.

Sounds good? Good.

But who exactly am I?

If you don’t already know me, I’m Alex, and over the past 11 years I’ve gone from looking like the picture on the left, to the picture on the right, losing >23 lbs of fat, and gaining >20 lbs of muscle:

Intermittent Fasting Transformation

During 2 years of this 11 year period, I was training absolutely at home (because of COVID), and I learned an awful lot about training the body in the optimal way with minimal equipment.

All of these lessons are applied in the Ultimate Home Workout Bundle, including:

  • How to go from 0 pull ups to 20+ using a variety of pull up ‘accessory work’
  • How to activate your glutes properly, build leg strength & stability
  • How to build core strength & avoid injuries for the rest of your life
  • The best intensity techniques that force progression
  • The best overload techniques (from week to week) that force progression without injury/joint pain (you can’t just keep adding weight forever)
  • How to stay motivated when there’s nobody else in your training environment
  • How to do these workouts in a hotel room, or whilst travelling for work, or on vacation


What You Get Inside

Alright, so what exactly do you get inside the bundle?

The 10 home workouts, including:

  • The Prisoner Workout
  • Lower Power
  • The Push Up Challenge
  • The Pull Up Challenge
  • The Burpees Challenge (mental resilience & conditioning)
  • Back Attack
  • Python Arms
  • Full Body Max
  • Hill Sprints
  • Bodybuilder Bodyweight

Again, each of these is extremely time efficient, and you can actually mix them to create your own ideal routine.

For example, if you have a weak area like pull ups, you could do two days per week on the Prisoner Workout and then the Pull Up Challenge on Friday.

You can customise your routine to get the best results for you.

Technique Demos

For each exercise you’re also getting a video demo of the technique. This is a YouTube playlist that I created, showing you how to do all the movements (not all of them are as straightforward as you imagine).

The Bonuses

On top of the 10 workouts + technique demos, you’re also getting three bonuses thrown in for free:

  1. The Best Email Compilation – this is the top 20 most popular emails of all time that I have sent to my email list. This is quality information that has helped guys to lose tons of fat with Intermittent Fasting, raise their Testosterone through dietary changes, and make drastic improvements to all areas of their health.
  2. The Best Tweets Compilation – again, some of my most inspiring health content on Twitter. Most of these tweets are summarising the Intermittent Fasting fat loss system, or providing unusual insights into fat loss/mindset/testosterone etc.
  3. A 24 Hour Long Email Consultation With Me – On the day of the official release, I will be sat down all day at my desk, responding to emails. This is something I literally never do. But I will do it on the day of the product release, and I will take the time to send long, detailed replies to your questions and give you REAL, actionable advice for your long-term plans. Think of it as ‘free email coaching’ thrown in to help accelerate your progression.

The Deadline

If you pre-order The Ultimate Home Workout Bundle before the official release date (Sunday 26th June), you get the entire 10 Workout Bundle + The Best Email Compilation + The Best Tweets Compilation + The 24 Hour Email Compilation, you get it all for only $47.

But be warned:

Once the deadline is over, it’s over, and the price will be shooting up to $67.

So get in BEFORE Sunday night at midnight (CST), and you can get all of this for only $47: