How To Dramatically Boost Your Sexual Market Value

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Your Sexual Market Value (SMV) will play a critical role in your dating and relationship life, because it determines the options you have sexually, and the loyalty you inspire in relationships.

This is not the same as your personal value, but rather, the reproductive value the opposite sex places on you on a macro level (not all women will value you the same).

I’m going to walk you through how you can dramatically increase your Sexual Market Value shortly. But first, let’s get into the real definition.

Sexual Market Value

What Is Sexual Market Value?

SMV =/= Game.

Game is a skill that you practise as opposed to a trait. This could be Daygame, Bargame, or relationship game (managing the amount of attention she receives being one key example). I would also include your sexual skills into the ‘game’ category, and isn’t your SMV.

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Rather, SMV is the inherent value that women place on you as a sexual partner. Here’s the dictionary definition:

Sexual market value (SMV) refers to an individual’s mating value, and it’s the the sum of all resources, personal qualities, and fitness indicators that he possess.

I believe that this isn’t 100% complete as it doesn’t include social status or social proof (which is often very contextual), but it’s got the baseline definitions in place.

The better you do across the main areas:

  • Physical appearance
  • Resources
  • Confidence/charisma

The better you’ll do in the sexual marketplace, and the more sex you will have, on average.

This is important if you want to snag that hot blonde in your gym, or the Instagram model, or the cheerleader etc. Your SMV determines whether she will be initially interested or not.

If she’s a ‘9’, and you’re a ‘7’ (in her eyes), there’s just no way on earth she’ll give you the time of day (due to hypergamy). The ‘in her eyes’ part is the key here – your value is not what your friends, or your family tell you it is. Or even what society tells you it is. It’s what SHE thinks it is.

Just how feminism can tell a woman that size doesn’t matter and that she’s a 10 no matter what, 99.999% of men will disagree, thus, she’s not a 10 and she’s living a delusion.

How Sexual Marketplace Value Works Over The Long-Term

Things change.

Men’s value tends to rise into their thirties (only if they don’t get fat and they’re not living at their parents place!), whereas women’s tends to drop off in their thirties.

But things often change even more when people get into relationships.

When men get comfortable (at any age), they almost always gain weight. This alone will lead to a reduction in your Sexual Market Value unless you’re a billionaire or a famous rockstar.

Conversely, a man could get a promotion at work, buy a Maserati, or start packing on 10-20 pounds of extra muscle (without any body fat), and all three would absolutely increase his SMV.

Women in particular tend to get comfortable in relationships, and when they gain weight it’s disastrous for their SMV. While men can ‘make up for it’ in other ways if they’re wealthy or very charismatic, women cannot. Getting fat is the death of a woman’s Sexual Market Value, but she probably won’t care if she’s already married and popped out three kids.

How To Boost Your Own Sexual Market Value

The simple answer is this:

Max out your looks, money, status and social confidence.

For the long answer, let’s break it down further.

Sexual Market Value

Looks Maxing

Your ‘looks’ can be broken down into four main categories, each of which are important. There’s a lot of guys who are short who obsess over height.

My answer is always “Do you think Tom Cruise has problems getting laid?”

There’s guys who obsess over their face being ugly, and my answer is always “Do you think X billionaire, Y rockstar, or Z footballer has problems getting laid?” (All of whom have ugly faces).

My point is not that you should become famous, but rather that you can AND WILL make up for any deficiencies in a variety of ways. The beauty of being a man is that you have many options to focus on, if you want to become attractive.

But the four main areas of your looks, include your:

  • Face
  • Physique
  • Height
  • Style

You want to be at least above average in all four. If you manage to do this, your looks will not be a ‘limiting factor’ in your Sexual Market Value, and your overall life.

Your Face

While you may never have the face of Tom Cruise, I can almost guarantee that your face will become FAR more handsome once you get your body fat % down to 10 or less. A tan is also very helpful. So too is excellent grooming – your hair and facial hair.

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    Your Physique

    When it comes to your physique, a v-taper is the name of the game. Broad shoulders, narrow waistline (see how being lean has multiple benefits?). Ideally you’re also vascular, you have visible arm muscles, with a decent ass too (yes, women like this a lot in real life). While you don’t need to be a high end fitness model, you DO need to at least have this masculine shape to your body.

    Your Height

    With your height, you do have less control over this than your physique and your style, but you have more than you believe. A man who is 5’7 can instantly become 5’9 or 5’10 with the right boots/shoes on. I advise you do this gradually over time though when it comes to shoes/insoles, as people who know you will ask too many questions if you’re blatantly obvious about it.

    Your Style/Persona

    Your style, like your physique, is 100% under your control. There’s just no excuses with this. Firstly, your clothes must be fitted. Secondly, the colours must go well together. Thirdly, you want to portray some kind of persona, whether it’s ‘athlete’, ‘business exec’ (suit), ‘rebel’, ‘biker’, or something along those lines.

    This persona must be congruent though. You can’t pull off the athlete persona if you’re overweight or skinny. Nobody is pulling off the business exec persona at 18 or 22. Pulling off the rebel persona isn’t going to work if you’re a shy nerd.

    Sexual Marketplace Value

    Money Maxing

    Money, realistically, is a strategy for men in their 30s and beyond.

    Not only is it just insane for a young man to blow all his money on a car to get girls, but it usually doesn’t even work anyway. He’s usually trying to compensate for a lack of looks and/or confidence.

    Even if he’s not, the woman soon finds out that he doesn’t have the money like an older man does, because he doesn’t take her out to the finest restaurants, five star hotels, and his apartment is a shitty studio.

    Your Lifestyle Counts

    When it comes to money, it’s your overall lifestyle. Cars are the most blatant ‘in your face’ demonstration of financial status. But realise that as soon as you buy the BMW or the Mercedes, you now also need to elevate all other areas of your lifestyle if you want to actually have success with this route (rather than it be a complete waste of money).

    Meaning; a fancy two bed apartment (or large house), fancy dinners, regular vacations to nice resorts, expensive wine, champagne etc. You can’t have a nice car and then be a cheap-ass with everything else – that defeats the whole purpose of having ‘excess resources’ which is what’s actually attractive to women. They will realise on the first date that they’re being conned.

    Young men who drive a Mercedes, yet live at home with their parents are completely wasting their time and money. They should focus on getting ripped instead if they want to get laid.

    But if you’re over 30? There’s many ways to boost your money. The biggest ones are C-Level corporate roles, a skilled profession (surgeon/lawyer/pilot etc.), entrepreneurship, or becoming a top salesman.

    You can get promoted at your job, obviously. But it probably won’t lead to the kind of money that actually impresses the modern day female.

    One of the fastest ways (even if it’s painful), is to start a side hustle, build multiple streams of income, and invest ALL OF IT.

    Eventually you get to the point where you’ve got a side business spinning off money on top of your main income, with investment income too. It’s really hard work, but that’s what’s required to have that kind of ‘money lifestyle’ for most men with normal jobs.


    Social Status

    This has the potential to be the biggest one, but it’s also highly contextual.

    The NFL captain may be incredibly high status in college, but a nobody five years later. The nerd in college may be a nobody, but twenty five years later, he’s a Surgeon or a CEO or a successful entrepreneur.

    The armed police officer may have status when talking to people in the streets with his guns on show (no, not his biceps), but be a complete loser outside of that. The British Airways training captain may have status on the plane, but be looked down upon by bigger dudes at the bar.

    You may have no social status in your new town. But one evening you walk into a bar with a 10/10 stunner on your arm, and immediately people (especially all the women) start asking questions.

    Status is subjective, and it’s fluid. It’s not something that’s set in stone (outside of formal hierarchies like in the army, or a large corporation).

    Fame Is The Ultimate Status

    Men who are actual 10/10s to most women, are almost always famous. Actors, rappers, ball players. They’re famous and they have TONS of attention on them. This is the power of social status – if you have enough of it, women will immediately view you as a 10.

    Most men however, will never have enough status to become an ‘immediate 10’, and will instead have smaller amounts of status. Perhaps you work up to ‘director level’ in your company. Maybe you have 30k followers on Instagram. Perhaps you have a Audi R8. You could just be 6’2 and jacked, and known as a ‘ladies man’.

    These will all lead to some social status, but it’s nowhere near the level that famous men benefit from.

    So I’ve just given you the hints as to how to get status:

    • Getting jacked and improving your physical appearance is very helpful, especially outside of your work environment. Even if it’s just other men treating you better.
    • Earning a lot of money and driving around in an Aston Martin is also very helpful.
    • Doing well on Instagram and having hot girls like/comment is a very powerful status indicator in the modern world.
    • Being seen with attractive women in town is PURE sexual status to any other women in the vicinity.
    • Having a strong network of valuable guys, is also a good status indicator. If you’re known as someone who can ‘make things happen’ – you are by definition, influential. And this is not ‘money’, it’s different).

    Social Confidence

    This is attractive in and of itself. I’ve personally known guys who are average looking, broke, and didn’t have any status. But they pulled left and right because of their charisma.

    This is difficult to measure objectively, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not important.

    While it’s difficult to be under-confident when you have status, this isn’t helpful for the man with zero social status. Plus, there’s more to it.

    Simply practising social skills in certain environments is enough to develop your social confidence. Getting laid is also helpful. But one of the biggest recommendations I have for you is to learn how to get good at ‘daygame’.


    Because in getting good at daygame, you will also become socially fearless, socially calibrated, you’ll boost your masculine energy, and more attractive to women. This is regardless of social status.

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