3 Ways To Boost Your Masculine Energy & Sex Appeal

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Male Energy

Masculine energy is something that’s missing in the modern western world, as most men simply don’t even know what it is, nor how to tap into it.

The fundamentals of masculinity – to protect, to provide and to procreate – have been all but forgotten in the feminised world we now find ourselves in.

The very things had have made men strong, useful, and respected for millenia, are now attacked and ‘redefined’. Ironically those who try to attack masculinity are becoming more masculine by the year themselves.

But with increasing government intervention and women in the workplace, the ‘provide’ element has taken a back seat in recent years (although I believe you should still provide for yourself as a minimum). While ‘protect’ and ‘procreate’ still remain strong.

These are things that will likely never change, no matter how advanced we get. Violence and combat are something that are masculine by default. Families are defended by men, territories are conquered by men, and no amount of propaganda or income redistribution will change this.

As far as the procreation thing goes, you do indeed need a man to procreate – you need two opposites for intercourse to actually lead to anything.

But does masculinity go deeper than this? Does it extend beyond a man’s ability to protect others and/or procreate?

What Is Masculine Energy?

Masculine energy is a little more contextual and fluid than a man’s physical size, objective strength, income level or sex appeal.

It’s hard to define or quantify, it’s more likely something you just FEEL.

And women certainly feel this, and this is why they’re attracted to certain men “without knowing why”. They may point to external characteristics, which may or may not be accurate. But the most obvious examples of masculine energy are when the guy is clearly not good looking, yet still attracts women.

But here’s the simplest definition of this specific type of energy:

“It’s energy that is derived from attacking, conquering, and winning. Whenever you successfully conquer something new, this builds your masculine energy.”

This energy is direct, it’s assertive, and it’s decisive. It’s the opposite of feminine energy, which is why it’s so attractive.

But the most important thing is that you now know the basics for how to acquire it, and then build it.

(Read: How To Become More Masculine by Lane Goodwin to learn more)

Masculine Energy Vs Feminine Energy

This picture differentiates between the masculine energy traits, and feminine pretty clearly:

Masculine Energy Traits

Ideally you know how to tap into the best of both energies depending on the context, who you’re interacting with, and the moment to moment changes.

But generally speaking, it’s more critical for men to be able to tap into their masculine energy, and women to tap into their feminine energy. Men get what they want in life through this pathway, and women the same through theirs.

Relationships tend to be better when the genders lean in their own respective direction. Both parties tend to be happier too.

And speaking of relationships, it all starts with YOU. If you set the tone, she adapts and becomes more feminine in the process. If you don’t she’ll either leave you or become masculine in response to your passivity.

Your masculine energy is actually one of the most powerful buffers against hypergamy and Alpha Widows – it’s guys with feminine energy who get cheated on all the time.

When women inevitably test the man that they’re with, it’s the feminine man who will appear to be unsure of himself (and thus, fail). Whereas it’s the masculine man who will pass, and end up allowing her to be her most feminine.

Masculine Energy

Why You Need To Boost Your Masculine Energy In 2020

Even though it’s attacked in modern day society, particularly in men who are perceived to be beta to any particular degree, your male energy is required to live a good life in the modern era.

It’s non-negotiable. Why?

  • Your masculine energy is required to become financially free/successful in an ever-harshening economic climate
  • You need to be masculine if you’re going to build an outrageous physique. Gruelleing gym sessions over many months and years require action, energy, and discipline
  • Male energy is increasingly rare in today’s world of effeminate men. Meaning you will stand out against the competition in the dating context. Whether you’re in the club, doing daygame, or meeting girls from online on dates

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Here’s the best three ways to achieve this in 2020:

#1. Achieving Goals/Challenges

So the most important part here is that you actually set the goals in the first place, and face up to challenges that life persents you. Whether it’s giving a presentation at work, developing a new skill, or approaching that girl that’s several ‘leagues’ out of yours. ALL of this will build your masculine energy.

Even if you fail, getting out of your comfort zone will make you more masculine. Winning is better. But losing is almost as valuable, provided you learn something from the experience and take the lessons forward with you.

Why exactly does this work so well?

Revisiting the masculine traits above, you can see why. Chasing your goals and dreams makes you very action focused, aggressive, and decisive. While most men are sitting there waiting for life to happen to them, you won’t be. Standing up to your fears also makes you very bold and unstoppable.

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bottle and packaging

#2. A Lifting Lifestyle

The common advice of ‘lifting’ is not inaccurate, it just isn’t enough.

Most men start a training program, only to give up after 3 weeks or 3 months. The brutal reality is that it takes much longer than 3 weeks to notice any real results. It takes longer than 3 months to make permanent and impressive changes.

Therefore you need to cultivate a lifting lifestyle. Which means good training, diet, sleep, supplements and crucially enough – enjoying the process.

So you’ve got to find a training program that you LOVE, and a diet plan that you LOVE (even if these things are highly flexible).

So why does this work so well?

Because it’s one of the most primal activities you can do to build your ‘protector status’. If you LOOK like you can protect people, others will treat you with the level of respect that comes with that. If you look like a skinny dweeb, then of course nobody is going to respect you (unless you’re very wealthy or famous.)

And when people start responding more positively towards you, your masculine energy will indeed go up.

Masculine vs Feminine Energy

#3. Fighting With Intent

Again, you may hear about self-improvement gurus talking about martial arts.

And again, they’re not wrong. But it’s not enough.

What build REAL balls and masculine energy, isn’t pad work. It’s stepping into a ring after months of training, with a man who is at least the same size as you, who wants to genuinely hurt you.

THAT is the most core aspect of your protector status, and it’s what defined successful men historically in a pre-civilised society, and we all still have that instinct within us today. Conquering this violent instinct (both defending yourself and attacking your opponent) is the number one way to build your masculine energy through ‘protector of men’ status.

Lifting leads to the external approval. Fighting leads to the real inner confidence. Both are important for building upon your masculine energy.

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