Men Over 40 Weekly Best Resources – #15

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Men Over 40


Men Over 40 Best Resources – Week 15


I know that many Men Over 40 are just like myself, in the sense that we all want the best of everything. We want to gain more muscle, get bigger and stronger and we want to lose fat and look sexier. Unfortunately, unless you’re a beginner, or you’re obese, you’re going to have to prioritise one over the other (Omar talks about this in the next link).


However, if you are taking a diet break (or maintenance period) and you want to focus a little more on strength and size, then Mike is offering free technique coaching as he talks about in this video.


He’s an incredibly successful powerlifter, and his technique advice will be an invaluable asset if you want to improve in the big 3 movements:




Now onto the second video – Omar talks about the common dream – building muscle whilst losing fat. Oh, if only. He mentions the three main caveats to the general rule that you can’t do both:


  1. Steroids
  2. Beginners
  3. Obese trainers


He goes into detail as to why the above three exceptions are indeed exceptions, and why YOU probably can’t do both at the same time.


Men Over 40 though who are either obese, or relatively new to training, feel free to give it a shot:


OmarIsuf – Can You Gain Muscle Whilst Losing Body Fat?


This is in the form of a podcast and a video – an excellent resource on binging. Essentially, what happens in most diets most of the time, is that people spend about 80-90% of the time:


  • Feeling deprived
  • Guilty
  • Hungry
  • Irritable
  • Lethargic
  • Wanting many foods that they’re not “allowed” to have
  • etc.


and then when this all mounts up and builds to a climax, they binge. Then they’re temporarily satisfied (the other 10% of the time), but because they binged so badly and undid and entire week’s worth of progress, they’re now back to square one.


They’re back to square one having spent 80% of their time miserable, and only 20% (at most) feeling full, satiated and happy.


My system is geared around avoiding this crap as much as humanly possible. It’s minimising the time spent suffering, and maximising the time not suffering. Dr. Andrew Miles gives his spin on how to stop binging here:


The Fat Burning Man – Why We Binge On Junk Food & What To Do About It


Switching gears a little, here is a great post by Joe from Western Mastery on how to build your talent stack. By doing so, you will:


  • Earn more money
  • Get more freedom
  • More opportunities
  • More job offers
  • Increase your business ideas/pathways
  • Gain more control over your time


and improve your overall lifestyle and happiness, which is (or should be) the primary goal of life. Very important article:


Western Mastery – How To Develop Your Talent Stack


Again, I’ve well and truly left the best until last. This is up there with one of the most useful “overall life” how to’s I’ve read. Very important stuff. All men need to do this, but Men Over 40 may need a little more caution due to having more overhead and more to lose in general than younger men.


Not all Men Over 40 will agree with his viewpoints on everything, obviously. But there is a lot to be learned from what he talks about in this article, including:


  • Sitting down and writing out your ideal life, in detail
  • Deriving an overall life vision for yourself, from this
  • Formulating your mission
  • Choosing some exciting goals to crack on with
  • Categorise these goals into; financial, business, relationships and fitness
  • Possibly split your life up into phases
  • Get to work


It’s a great article, and I highly recommend you read it. He talks about how you will need to approach this differently if you’re over 60, for example, and gives some great advice. He also helped me to formulate my mission and clarify a couple of details.


Read more here:


BlackDragon – Planning Out Your Life


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