Animal Vs Plant Protein

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Animal vs plant protein

There’s a lot of extremists on Twitter. People who say things like “meat will kill you!“, or “veggies should be eliminated, cause bloat”.


We’ve been eating meat since the dawn of human existence, we’re made to hunt animals, and all we’ve ever known is the omnivore lifestyle.

Trying to change this and enforce it on other people, just because you think a few animals are cute is completely insane, and frankly, ignorant of how the world works.

Eating animal protein has never killed humans, and still does not. Eating veggies has never killed humans, and still does not. Here’s why.

What Did Kill Us

Historically, the vast majority human deaths were a result of either disease, or violence. It wasn’t a pleasant existence. We didn’t have guns, proper shelter, and we certainly didn’t have the bloody NHS.

Animal protein most definitely did not kill us, and in fact was THE very thing that increased our chances of living a (relatively) long life. We hunted large game, and if the hunt was successful, we had calories for the foreseable future. Nice.

What Does Kill Us

Throughout the past several thousands of years, we’ve forged empires, and created civilisation. We’ve come ridiculously far as technology is concerned, we’re at the top of the food chain, and don’t really have to worry about disease or violence being a consistent threat to our lives (in most parts of the world).

We should be grateful. But unfortuntely, a large percentage of our population are complete assholes and want to throw all this out of the window, preferring to undermine everything our species had ever built itself on, including eating animals.


So the question is, if eating steak, liver, broccoli, spinach and kale isn’t killing us now, then what is?

I’ll tell you: junk food.

I know, I know. It’s not a sexy, ground-breaking answer, but it really is that simple; eating junk turns your body into junk, over time.

Veggies don’t make you fat. Veggies don’t cause heart problems. Veggies don’t screw up your insulin and testosterone. Nor does meat.

But junk food DOES do all of these things.

What To Focus On

People who are serious about fitness do not talk about animal protein vs plant protein. Straight away, those terms are loaded with a commercial and/or political agenda, and the true ‘fitness experts’ will never come out with words like that.

So if anyone starts trying to sell you pea protein, cause ‘vegan-friendly’, you’re getting ripped off. And if anyone is selling you something based on ‘I only eat meat, grrrr’, they’re also ripping you off – veggies ARE NOT the cause of your problems.

True fitness experts do however focus on calories, protein/carbs/fats, weight lifted, and nutrient-dense vs nutrient-sparse foods.

This is where your focus needs to be if you want to be 10% body fat for life, and slowly increasing your muscle mass. Political ideology and treating your diet like a bloody religion isn’t helpful at all.

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