Unf**k Your Diet


Are you still well above 10% body fat? Or 15% body fat? Or even well over 20% body fat?


Are you concerned about having high inflammation levels, and the potential for health complications in the future?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then this program is for you.

The Unfuck Your Diet plan will not just Unfuck your body fat levels and get you down to 10%. It will also Unfuck your inflammation levels, taking them to ZERO.

But First, Why Listen To Me?

While I don’t like boasting and that is not my intention here, I do need to explain why this is so important.

This is the way I look at it:

There’s nobody on Twitter who can optimise your diet as well as I can.

While I really like Alexander Cortes’ content for younger bodybuilders, and Sol Brah’s content for young men looking to become more aesthetic, nobody will give you the ideal diet for 10% body fat and low inflammation like I will.

Nobody will teach you dietary discipline like I will.

I’ve been coaching men in their 40s, 50s and 60s for YEARS now, helping them to achieve things like:

+ Six pack abs and a chiselled jawline (when they previously thought it was impossible)

+ A resting heart rate of under 50

+ Testosterone levels of >700 at 58 years old (ridiculous, I know)

+ A complete elimination of their sugar addiction (and inflammation levels with that)

And all of this comes from an Intermittent Fasting regimen, combined with nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory meals.

Keto & Carnivore both run into sustainability problems, and micronutrient deficiency problems.

Intermittent Fasting doesn’t put such limits on you, so you don’t run into these problems over the long-term – it’s a diet that serves you for LIFE.

What Can You Expect From This Meal Plan?

This meal plan follows an Intermittent Fasting regime with all your calories & macros specifically tailored to your individual needs.

The plan shows you EXACTLY what to eat for every meal, and EXACTLY what to eat every day, Monday to Sunday, for TWO WHOLE WEEKS.

It also contains some extended fasting.

The Extended Fasting operates on a bi-weekly basis, so that your inflammation levels are kept LOW over the long run.

Beyond the Intermittent Fasting & Extended Fasting, the Unfuck Your Diet plan will give you:

  • A diet conducive to hitting 10% body fat or less
  • A diet that eliminates any desires for junk food or sweets in the evening
  • A diet free from inflammation & toxins
  • Consistently low insulin levels
  • A variety of healthy fats for testosterone production while you get leaner
  • Anti-inflammatory meals (no other meal plans focus on this)
  • Lots of anti-oxidants including green tea
  • Plenty of the B Vitamin Complex, especially B12 (for energy & brain function)
  • An optimal electrolyte balance for energy & heart function
  • A proper supplementation protocol for hormonal health, sleep & consistent energy

How Is It So Effective?

This diet will get you to 10% body fat AND low inflammation levels AND zero desire for sugar. But how?

Fasting itself will help with all three, due to the self-cleansing process known as autophagy, and time away from food. But this diet is also ruthlessly effective because it rules out all the ways in which people fuck themselves over. It unfucks the following:

  1. Only Fasting Occasionally
  2. Bread
  3. Sweeteners
  4. Diet soda

And many,  many other ways that people self-sabotage.

These are all common mistakes that keep people sugar-addicted, low T and 20% body fat.

This meal plan eliminates them all.

What Else Do You Get With This Meal Plan?

Glad you asked!

You get the following bonuses:

+ A one-off email consultation with myself – ask any questions you like (I charge a lot of money for my time!)

+ The Top 20 Email Compilation Guide

+ ‘The Mediterranean Diet’ Podcast from IFFT (all of these podcasts are 20+ minutes long, and packed with actionable information)

And a 100% money-back lifetime guarantee! (Not 30 days, which are a waste of time as nobody sees massive results in 30 days anyway)

So it’s quite an impressive deal for only $67.

If you’re ready to get the Unfuck Your Diet meal plan + all the bonuses, get it below: