The Ultimate Body Fat % Testing Manual

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You’re well over 15% body fat, and you want to get it down to 8-15%.

But you don’t know where to start.

It’s like trying to shoot a target with a blindfold on.

How on earth are you going to be able to get into the ideal bf % range for a man, if you don’t even know where you stand to begin with??

It doesn’t matter what your motivation is for knowing your body fat %.

Whether it’s to be able to physically protect your loved ones if necessary, or it’s to look better than other men in your age group, or it’s simply to shock people so badly next time they see you that they don’t even recognise you.

Whatever your motivation is, you NEED to know your body fat %.

Knowledge = POWER.

Because without this knowledge, you’re never going to be able to formulate a the best plan of attack, and you certainly won’t know if you’ve even hit your goal (most people delude themselves).

The Problem

A DEXA scan has long been seen as the most accurate way to gauge your body fat %.

I’ve been asked “what’s the best way to measure body fat bro” about a million times now, and I’ve always replied “DEXA”.

But there’s a serious problem with DEXA’s.

I ran a poll on Twitter earlier today, and statistically speaking, about 90% of you have never had a DEXA scan and never will do for one reason or another.

For some of you it’s the prohibitive cost.

For others the nearest one is a multi-hour drive away.

For other folks a DEXA scan just seems too serious and too unnecessary, with too many hassles involved.

With this manual, I’m looking to show you in great detail, exactly how to calculate your current body fat % FOR FREE.

I’m going to save you potentially hundreds of dollars and hours of your time, and in the process, am going to show you how to pinpoint your body fat % within ~0.5% or so.

This stuff is extremely accurate.

I’m showing you exactly how to combine multiple methods of measurement to get the most accurate reading for you.

You cannot rely on any one method.

Scales are a waste of time.

But by combining all the methods I talk about inside, you can get a really solid feel for how far you’ve got to go until you’re at your goal bf %.

This is useful for several reasons:

A) You aren’t deluding yourself into thinking that you’re closer than you are (i.e you know the truth).

B) You can plan ahead of time how many weeks it’s likely to take until you hit your dream physique.

C) You have reference points that you can use literally for the rest of your life, any time you want to test this stuff again – this manual will serve you for the rest of your life.

What’s Inside?

  • The Red Flags That IMMEDIATELY Put You In the 20%+ Body Fat Range (Regardless Of What Machines Say)
  • Why Body Fat Scales Are A Waste Of Time
  • When BMI Can Be Useful
  • Racial Differences
  • What Is A Realistic Body Fat % Goal In Your 40s, 50s and 60s?
  • The Only Equipment You Need For This System
  • How To Calculate Your BF % Within 0.5% Accuracy (+/-)
  • The Best System For Tracking BF % Over Time
  • How To Know With 100% Certainty Once You’re Below 15% Body Fat

The system I’ve outlined inside this manual is unique and you won’t find it elsewhere online, simply because it follows a strict hierarchical priority within the multiple testing methods.

Some methods are more useful than others depending on you and your genetics.

I show you exactly how to prioritise them based on your unique situation – a calculator won’t do this.

Bonuses You Won’t Want To Miss

For a very limited period of time, there’s going to be two big bonuses on top of the body fat testing system I’ve laid out above.

Bonus #1 – Send me a DM with a current picture of your physique. I will give you a very strong estimate. The more pictures you send me, the more accurate this estimate will be. I’ll also give you some extra tips on what to do in your current situation.

This will be very time sensitive because there will be a lot of DMs to answer. (Feel free to email me at if you’d prefer).

Bonus #2 – The ‘Macros For Fat Loss Vs Muscle Gain’ podcast (from IFFT), which delves into the ideal macro split that will bring your body fat % to as low a level as you like. Get your macros on point, and you’re in a position to get your body fat % right.

These bonuses will be available until Sunday 9th January. After this date they will disappear forever. You will need to purchase the Ultimate Body Fat % Testing Manual before then, or you will miss them.

On top of all this, there is the usual lifetime money-back guarantee on this product. So if you’re not happy, you’re refunded every single penny.

There really is no risk on your end to getting this manual.

What’s even better for you is that right now it’s only $27.

You can get this manual AND a personal body fat % review from me AND the IFFT podcast all for only $27. I repeat….you are getting:  


  1. The Ultimate Body Fat % Testing Manual
  2. A Personal BF % Estimate From Me
  3. Personalised Advice For Your Current Situation
  4. The IFFT Podcast ‘Macros For Fat Loss Vs Muscle Gain’


All for only $27 (the price of a few glasses of wine).

Make sure you purchase this before Sunday 9th January if you want to get access to #2, #3 and #4, otherwise you will miss out, and the price will also shoot up to $37.

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