The Spartan Program


The Spartan Program

Train Like A Spartan, Look Like A Spartan

Do you want to look like a Spartan warrior?

With the six pack abs, the granite-like physique, and the chiselled, tough appearance.

Do you want to not only look like one, but perform like one too?

Strong, fit, resilient, courageous, disciplined.

Well that’s good, because that’s exactly what this program will do for you. I don’t say this lightly either, this program is going to get you RESULTS.

This is NOT just a “lifting program”. This is NOT just a diet plan.

It’s a comprehensive training system based on the five main pillars of the Spartan training system that they used on boys from age 7-20, in order to prepare them for being elite soldiers:

  1. Strength
  2. Combat Effectiveness
  3. Warrior-Specific Fitness/Endurance
  4. Cold Exposure
  5. Fasted Training

And just like the Spartans did, you will become mentally and physically indestructible. Lifting weights is only a piece of this overall fitness system. You need all the other components to become a true warrior.

How do I know this?

Because the Spartans proved this by being essentially unstoppable from ~550 B.C. to 400 B.C.


Why Should You Listen To Me?

  • I transformed from overweight to 10% body fat year-round, and I’ve maintained that for the past five years.
  • I’ve coached thousands of men (via my meal plans & coaching) to transforming from overweight or even obese in some cases, to getting within striking distance of 10% body fat.
  • Many chose to maintain ~12-15% body fat, and could have hit 10% or less if they really wanted to.
  • But the fact remains that I clearly know how to get people RESULTS when it comes to fat loss. This program will shift your fat, fast.
  • I’ve also scoured the internet for weeks, in search of legitimate literature on Spartan training. It turns out you have to pay for this information, and I have done. This information is NOT available for free on the internet. So I’ve put a lot of time AND money into this, so that’s it’s based on reality, and that this program gets the best results for you.


How The Spartans *Actually* Trained

They were THE most feared force in ancient history, and conquered dozens of other territories by ~400 B.C.

By age 18, it was said that any Spartan soldier could outmarch, outrun, and outclimb any Greek soldier of any age in shoes, barefoot.

By age 20, it was said that one Spartan soldier was worth three soldiers from any other army.

These guys were born and bred savages, and I’ve created the modern-day training plan that’s based on what these guys did from age 7 onwards.

They were immersed in hand-to-hand combat, cold weather exposure, and competitions right from the word “go”.

They were also highly familiar with both Intermittent Fasting, and generally eating a lower calorie diet.

This was done very deliberately in order to keep them from ever going soft, and to keep them motivated.

The Spartan Program is the modern day re-incarnation of the Spartan training system, just without the bronze armour and javelins.

You are going to LOVE the results you get from this program, both physical and psychological.


What You Can Expect

This is of course a very tough training regime.

The first month is an introductory month for those who are new to one or two of the five pillars mentioned above, but it’s still going to be tough.

The second month gets tougher, and this is the equivalent of the training that the Spartans went through from age 12 onwards when their training intensified.

You can expect to get:


  • Into the top 5% of men in terms of strength
  • Into the top 1% of men in terms of fitness/endurance
  • Combat ready within 2-3 months
  • Incredibly tough, disciplined and resilient even within the first month
  • Very lean and chiselled (10% body fat is not the goal of this program, but it would end up being an expected side benefit)


The Spartan Program truly is designed to turn you into a modern day warrior.

Your physicality and mentality are always closely linked, and this program is going to get you to optimise BOTH. All you need to do is to survive the second month. That’s where the real warriors are made.

Alright, so what exactly can you expect inside?

Here’s a breakdown of what you get:


  • A section overview of ‘The Spartan Philosophy’ with a detailed background on exactly how they trained, what their tournaments were like, how their women approached training etc.
  • A section breakdown of ‘The 5 Key Pillars of Spartan Training’, with a detailed how-to on each activity. I give you the complete strategies for all of the physical training exercises, the mental training exercises, and what to do and then the common pitfalls to avoid.
  • The 3 Month Repeatable Spartan Training Program, with weekly changes in the rep scheme, the cold water training times, the warrior fitness times, and monthly changes in the combat training.
  • A Personal Records Sheet, where you can keep track of how you’re improving across the five pillars over time (you want to be improving across all of them over time), and I also give you the ‘Spartan Standards’ as an end goal for you to be shooting towards.
  • A Technique Sheet, to show you exactly how to do each exercise, and all of the variations depending on your fitness level (there’s a ton of variations for you if you currently struggle to do either push ups or pull ups).


Does This Program Accommodate Lower Levels Of Fitness?

Yes it does.

If you’re at a lower level of fitness either with the bodyweight training, the warrior fitness or the combat training, do not worry. The program is written assuming you are a novice, and you have a month of “basic training” to get used to these exercises, and I also give you a lot more advice in the training breakdown tab.

If you’re advanced, you can potentially skip straight into month two.


Can I Do This Program At Home?

Yes, the training is BODYWEIGHT training.

But once you’re strong enough I cannot stress how important it is to start using a rucksack for additional weight to keep pushing yourself.

But yes, you can do this program at home.


The Bonuses

It gets even better.

You’re going to get the following bonuses thrown in for no extra cost:


  1. The 5 Steps To Success With Intermittent Fasting guide
  2. The High Testosterone Lifestyle podcast from IFFT (my elite members group)


So you’ll be getting plenty of background on how to run a low calorie, Intermittent Fasting diet just like the Spartans did, plus the ingredients for a high T lifestyle (with a lot of recommendations on sleep, supplements, and other practises in addition to the Spartan training regime).

And it gets even better than this (yep, it’s possible).

You also get a 100% lifetime money-back guarantee, no questions asked. So there’s literally zero risk on your end. This program won’t disappoint.

The only other thing left to say is:

I hope you’re ready for this.

This program is going to be tough.

But this is the path for the top 1% of men.

And I’m laying it out for you, for the cost of one high calorie, high alcohol night out.

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