The Fasted Fat Loss Program

Intermittent Fasting Do you want to lose that stubborn lower belly fat for the first time in your life?


Of course you do.


And what about those rock hard six pack abs?


It’s about time you finally built them and revealed them to the world.


Look, I’ll be honest with you:


Life is simply better when you’re 10% body fat with chiselled abs, a strong jawline, and broad shoulders.


No bullshit or feel good nonsense here, just the straight up truth:


  • Men respect you more when they see muscles, vascularity and a jawline
  • Women desire you more when they see well broad shoulders, a narrow waist, and a handsome face
  • Virtually all clothing and styles look better on an athletic body – hugging your arms, shoulders, and defined legs
  • People are more willing to ‘give you a chance’ overall
  • You can get away with things that a ‘normal guy’ simply wouldn’t be able to


But you may be thinking:


“I’m MILES off getting a six pack or chiselled jawline!”


Correct, you may be 20%, 30% or 40% body fat.


But the process I outline inside the fasted fat loss program works the same regardless of where you’re at, it’s just the TIME INVOLVED that changes.


“But I have really low levels of discipline at the moment because of stress, and on the weekends I decline.”


In one of the bonuses, I show you EXACTLY how to build long-term habits so that discipline becomes automatic – you don’t even have to think about it!


PLUS, inside the program I account for the reality that most people aren’t as solid on the weekends and the protocol is different.


“Okay so this fat loss program sounds good, but what exactly is it?”


This is purely a fat loss program.


You’re going to be training 6 days per week in a fasted state.


If this sounds like ‘too much’, don’t worry, the workouts inside are completely tailored to your own level of fitness (there’s three different levels).


Some workouts are 100% cardio.


Some workouts are circuits – a mixture of lifting & cardio.


ALL workouts can be performed at home WITHOUT equipment.


So why exactly is this program going to be so effective?


  • You will burn more calories, and in less time
  • You will get each and every day (apart from your recovery day) off to the best start possible
  • You will form powerful exercise habits that benefit you FOR YEARS (I really go into detail in the bonus guide) – you will NEVER regain weight again if you have these pro-exercise, anti-injury habits
  • You will progress on a weekly basis, and get leaner every single week – most program don’t give you ANY progression at all, which is why you stall!


It’s that last point which makes this fat loss program superior to all others.


It actually shows you how to keep progressing week by week, regardless of your current starting point.


Not only this, if you follow the habit-building protocol, it’s going to be difficult to ever ‘lose your gains’.


So here’s the bonuses you’re getting:


The Habit-Building Guide – This shows you how to truly build the ‘fitness lifestyle’ that allows you to maintain 10% body fat year-round. This means abs, jawline, and a narrow waistline 24/7. It’s a great place to be.


The Fasting Guide – This shows you exactly what to eat, and what not to eat, and WHEN, in order to experience maximum fat loss.


So I hope you’re as excited as I am – you’re about to get LEAN!


And as always if you don’t get results, you get a lifetime money-back guarantee. So you have NOTHING to lose by investing in yourself here.


This program is $37 for the next 48 hours only!




If you’re ready to get jacked and working towards a long-term 10% body fat, click ‘Add To Cart’ below: