Men Over 40 Weight Loss: I’ve Stalled. Now What? Here’s 4 Ideas.

Posted on September 10, 2018 in Cutting, Diet, Fat Loss Tips, Men Over 40, Older Guys

Men Over 40 Weight Loss


Here’s the four Men Over 40 Weight Loss tips for this week:


Jonnie Candito – Powerlifting Prep Week 1


I know from my Twitter comments that a few of you Men Over 40 are very interested in powerlifting – Jonnie Candito is an excellent powerlifter and it will be very interesting watching him to prepare for the Ray Williams Classic.


The final few weeks (assuming he will cut weight) will be interesting. Check out the above video to see this strong sonofab**** train.


Does Intermittent Fasting Have Benefits Beyond Calorie Control?


There’s a lot of talk about Intermittent Fasting having multiple benefits including:


  • Improved health
  • Growth hormone improvements
  • Lowered insulin
  • Increased fat loss
  • Cleansing of toxins it all completely irrelevant? Is the magic of fasting more about appetite control? Click the above link to find out.


PD Mangan – The Number 1 Cause Of Chronic Disease In Men Over 40


This is an excellent article delving into the multiple main factors causing chronic disease in the ageing population. PD Mangan is a specialist in anti-ageing, and he has some great articles on his site. He gives his opinion (which I agree with in terms of the external factors; not including people’s mindsets) on the largest factor contributing to chronic disease.


Click the above link to check it out.


Caleb Jones – The 2 Types Of Improvement Work


This is a great post from Caleb that is geared towards business, productivity, and making more money. I highly recommend that you read this post. It’s the ideas and principles behind it that you need to apply to your fat loss.


You have ‘Standard Work’, then you have ‘Improvement Work’. Standard is his term for maintenance. Improvement work is progression. This is exactly what I mean when I say progression is a different ballgame to maintenance.


Maintaining your new level of muscle ia A LOT easier than gaining that muscle. Maintaining 10% bodyfat is A LOT easier than getting there; especially once you get down into the 11-15% range.


You must find what your Improvement Work is, and get it done every single day. Otherwise your fat loss results will be inconsistent at best.


  • Cardio
  • Meal prep
  • Morning coffee
  • High protein meal choices


Are all examples of Improvement Work when it comes to fat loss. All of the above will either help you to expend more energy, or reduce your appetite, which makes it easier to reduce energy intake.


Lifting weights would be Standard Work, because you’re seeking to maintain muscle when losing weight (unless you’re a complete beginner). Calorie tracking would also be Standard Work – grunt work that needs to be done, as it’s necessary to know whether or not you’re on track.


Read the above post – it’s crucial information that you can directly apply to fitness.


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