Men Over 40: You’re Not Losing Weight. Here’s 3 Solutions.

Posted on September 3, 2018 in Diet, Men Over 40, Older Guys, Weekly Best Resources

Men Over 40 Weight Loss


This one will be slightly different to usual, and won’t contain any external links due to some technical error. But I will still provide the quality content regardless.


Here’s the three tips for this week:


Number 1 – Do A Diet Audit


This means that you’ll need to track every single morsel that enters your mouth, and categorise it. Categorising calories gives you a solid sense of exactly what you’re eating, and what you need to get more of and less of.


Here are the categories you’ll need to use:


  • Protein
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Slower digesting carbs (outside of veg)
  • Sugar (outside of fruit)
  • Essential fats
  • Sat fats
  • Alcohol


Once you have these eight categories, track every single gram of food you eat, using labels and scales, and deposit your grams into the above categories.


Do this every day, for an entire week.


It needs to be a week because too many Men Over 40 screw up on the weekends, so any given day isn’t an accurate representation of what’s really happening.


Once you have the number of grams in each category for all seven days, multiply each category by the appropriate number of calories per gram. So protein & carbs will need to be multiplied by 4, fats 9, alcohol 7. Now you have your calories per category.


You can now see exactly how many calories you get from each area. Too many from alcohol? From sugar? Not enough fruit & veg? You know what to do.


Number 2 – Write Down A List Of The Potential Consequences If You Don’t Lose Weight


I wrote an email (get on the list!) that was released on Sunday, about how my Great Uncle rapidly declined from the ‘Masculine Ideal’ status in his mid thirties, into an overweight, under-active older guy. This is a prime example of what not to do as you age.


The problems he faces are that he can barely move, he can’t travel, his confidence and happiness are lower, he can’t go on trips with his wife, or enjoy nice meals out without having to be lifted out of his chair whenever he needs the toilet. Not good.


What could happen TO YOU if you don’t sort it out?


Write down a list.


Maybe travel would be limited? Maybe your family likes going hiking, and you wouldn’t be able to keep up? Maybe you won’t be able to play football, soccer etc. with your kids/grandkids? Maybe you will leave this earth and all your loved ones before you’re supposed to?


Get a list going and refer to it often. Use this fear factor in conjunction with your positivity goal-setting motivators.


Number 3 – Find People In Your Personal Life Who Have Achieved What You Want


The best way to:


  • Get yourself more motivated
  • Learn through intense experience
  • Make friends


Is to learn from guys who have done it before you. And if there aren’t any guys in your personal life who have achieved what you want (which wouldn’t surprise me in today’s era), then you should seek out guys online, or actors etc.


There are bloggers, YouTubers, actors who will have achieved what you want. Use them as sources of knowledge and inspiration. Consume their content, learn from their mistakes, and your weight los journey will be so much simpler.


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