Top 3 Fat Loss Tips – #33

Posted on March 11, 2018 in Cutting, Diet, Fat Loss Tips

Fat Loss Tips

Fat Loss Tips – #33


Here’s today’s 3 top fat loss tips:


Adopt A Growth Mindset


DO NOT FEAR FAILURE – it’s a part of the process. Instead, learn from setbacks, adapt and advance. Did you binge last night because of X, Y and Z? Good. Learn from what caused it, and manipulate the variables so that X, Y and Z are less likely to occur again in the future.


Develop An Anabolic Lifestyle


This means:


  • Select your gym wisely
  • Schedule your training program wisely – shorter sessions are better
  • Maximise your testosterone
  • Maximise your sleep
  • Minimise your stress
  • Being selective about what you watch on TV, and who you follow on the internet/social media


Read This No Bullshit Article


Another good one from Will Freeman – how to lose weight with many fat loss tips and also common “white noise” advice to avoid. As I keep saying, people always focus on the wrong stuff because of this white noise. About 90% of the questions I get via social media and/or email can be answered with “It depends on the overall context of your calorie balance” which is probably an annoying answer but it’s the only way I can answer these questions correctly.


There you go; 3 quick but incredibly useful fat loss tips for you. Try them and your fat loss results will improve – get to work.


If you enjoyed this article and are motivated to lose weight, feel free to check out my coaching services here. Thanks, I appreciate it.

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