5 Masculine Benefits Of Morning Sex

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Morning sex might seem like an unusual topic for me to be discussing at this blog, but indulge me, as there’s a lot of masculine health benefits to be had.

While most articles on morning sex are without doubt tailored to women, this one will be tailored to men.

Let’s get into the 5 benefits…

1. Wake Up Sex Leads To Fat Loss

While getting funky in the morning isn’t necessarily going to immediately make you a shredded Instagram model at 7.2% body fat, it WILL help you to burn more calories.

This will soon translate into fat loss if you already have a reasonably good diet.

Having sex for >30 minutes will burn a lot of extra calories, AND it’s an enjoyable form of cardio (which makes it long-term sustainable).

(If you struggle to last 45 minutes or 60 minutes, make sure you check out Male Extra, as it may help you!)

The biggest reason people don’t get lean with their cardio regimens, is that they’re just so boring! Which makes their fat loss results unsustainable. Morning sex is different. It’s never boring, and it’s VERY enjoyable.

It’s something you can do at least 2-3 times per week as a part of a long-term fat loss plan – which could add up to ~1000 calories per week (or 1/3rd of a pound of fat). Not bad!

Get into the habit of making her cum, and female compliance won’t be an issue. She’ll be even more up for it than you are!

2. It’s A Testosterone Booster

There’s been studies that have shown a 13% increase in men’s testosterone from simply flirting with attractive women.

Imagine how much it increases when you actually have early morning sex!

Yes, this is a temporary increase. But when you’re getting down n’ dirty every other day, along with lifting weights and losing body fat, can you see how this will all stack together to build a high performance, high T machine?

Testosterone levels increase over time.

This is from building muscle, getting leaner, winning, ‘conquering’ in any capacity, sex etc.

Having sex in the morning is one of these core T-boosting activities. Then once your testosterone levels are higher, your sexual performance increases too (study). This begins an upward spiral of positivity of more testosterone and greater performance.

3. Morning Sex Relieves Stress

We live in very uncertain times.

Perhaps there is financial uncertainty in your life, or you’re worried about your work in general.

Regardless of what’s causing the stress, your cortisol levels do indeed plummet after having early morning sex. It’s the most relaxing way to start the day from a hormonal standpoint.

This study found that morning sex was a great way to put people in a good mood and increase productivity at work.

Lower cortisol levels will also help you to build more muscle, sleep and recover better at night, and live a happier overall life. Sex is VERY important, especially for men.

4. Wake Up Sex Is More Pleasurable

Ever had ‘morning wood?’

If you’ve ever had healthy testosterone levels in your entire life (think back to when you were 16 or 21), then of course you have.

There’s a reason for this morning wood.

Your testosterone levels are naturally higher in the morning, and it’s your body’s ‘cue’ to go out and spread your genes into the next generation.

And if you manage to succeed in this quest, your body rewards you handsomely – morning sex is simply more pleasurable than at any other time of the day.

It’s NATURAL for you to do this, and it’s the way nature intended it to be.

You were never supposed to be driving in the pissing rain in rush hour traffic, stressing out, worrying about your boss yelling at you for being late.

You were supposed to wake up with the sun, relaxing with an attractive woman by your side (soon to be underneath you).

5. Morning Sex Powers Your Immune System

Now don’t get me wrong, a clean diet and actually sleeping 7-9 hours per night are probably the biggest factors in keeping a healthy immune system.

But this study found a huge boost to your immune system from having sex, and frankly, it makes sense.

For men, it essentially means that you’re ‘winning the game of life’ – you’re:

A) Surviving

B) Passing on your genes

So it’s nature’s way of keeping you achieving your mission from a reproduction standpoint, by protecting you against disease (one of the biggest killers of our ancestors).

Sex In The Morning

What If You Can’t Get Laid?

What if morning sex is impossible for you right now?

Okay, so there’s two possible scenarios here.

Either 1) You don’t have a girlfriend or wife or friends with benefits.

Or 2) You do have one, but she refuses sex on a regular basis because she’s basically just not attracted to you (or she’s extremely comfortable).

Either way, boosting your masculine energy will help you, so make sure you read that article. But you may also want to read up on my Alpha Widow article, if you’re in a serious relationship. Because if your girlfriend/wife isn’t having sex with you, that’s a SERIOUS problem that needs fixing.


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