Adonis Belt: Developing A Masculine Physique

Posted on December 29, 2020 in Alpha Physique, Intermittent Fasting

The Adonis belt (also known as the Apollos belt or iliac furrows) is one of the ‘sexiest’ and most sought after masculine body parts, and for a good reason.

The Adonis belt looks AWESOME. It will definitely boost your Sexual Market Value.

You’ll often see women’s talk shows or magazines talking about the ‘hawwwtest’ male body parts, and usually you’ll see answers like “his butt”, “his arms”, or “his jawline”, and they’re not wrong. But often they’re ignoring one of the key components of a powerful v-taper – the Adonis belt, which sits right at the bottom.

What Exactly Is The Adonis Belt?

The Adonis belt is a crucial part of your v-taper (broad shoulders, narrow waistline), and sits a few inches above your crotch.

It’s a pair of v-shaped lines that run from your mid-section down towards your true favourite body part. It’s really a result of getting down to sub 10% body fat, and symbolises physical fitness and health.

You can see the Adonis Belt ‘v-lines’ very clearly on Zyzz right here:

Zyzz - The Inspiration of Aesthetics - YouTube
Source: Zyzz (Aziz Shavershian)

Let me emphasise that Zyzz had one of the most aesthetic physiques around, and he was permanently ~8-10% body fat. He was very successful at looksmaxing.

Your iliac furrows just aren’t going to be visible if you’re 11, 14, or 20% body fat. There’s just going to be too much ‘fluff’ covering them.

Having said that, if you really want to build the perfect Adonis belt over the long-term and you don’t mind being temporarily fluffier, you may want to spend some time in a calorie surplus.

How To Get An Adonis Belt

Guys like Zyzz had those ‘lean genetics’, meaning they could gain muscle while staying lean year round (and they used gear on top of this).

Most people are going to need to spend some time in a calorie surplus to gain substantial muscle, which also means going up to 12, 13 or 15% body fat for a while. This allows guys to build their muscular basline. Including their abs, serratus, and iliac furrows.

This means that you won’t immediately be able to see them, but you are indeed building them for the long-term.

So here’s what I recommend for your Adonis workouts:

The Adonis Belt Workouts

Phase 1 – Spend at least 6 months in a calorie surplus. Focus on exercises like the ab rollout (using a barbell), hanging leg raises, and weighted carries. I would do 2 sets of each exercise for the first couple of months, and I’d be performing them 3x per week. After ~2 months, I’d build up to 3 sets of each exercise. This will be a lot of volume, and will build your Adonis belt very quickly.

Here’s a great video on how to do ab rollouts:

Here’s another one on weighted carries:

Phase 2 – Cut down to 10% body fat or less, using Intermittent Fasting. This step is absolutely critical. You need to cut the body fat without losing any muscle, and then this will reveal your Adonis belt fully.

This would be my suggestion:

  • Intermittent Fasting 16/8
  • High protein (1g+ per pound of bodyweight)
  • Black coffee or green tea every morning
  • Sparkling water in the afternoon
  • Daily walking

If you’d like to know exactly how to get to 10% body fat, make sure you’re on the email list. This is what I do best, and I’ve already helped 7,000+ men to achieve this exact goal:

    How Long Does It Take To Hit Sub 10% Body Fat?

    Good question.

    And the answer really depends on your starting point. If you’re starting from 20% body fat, you can expect it to take roughly 25 weeks, assuming you’re cutting sensibly and maintaining all your muscle.

    If you’re only starting from 12% body fat, it would be more like 5-6 weeks if you’re doing things cautiously.

    You can do it in less time than this, but it doesn’t account for any error, and may not be the best advice for maintaining all your muscle.

    Make sure you’re on my email list if you want to get this done properly.

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