3 Reasons YOU Don’t Have An Alpha Physique…Yet – #87

Posted on October 22, 2018 in Alpha Physique, Cutting, Diet, Fat Loss Tips

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Get YOUR Alpha Physique – Fat Loss Tips #87


Here’s today’s 3 Alpha Physique tips:


Don’t Bother With Keto! Don’t Be A Dumbass!


Jason talks about how his family members have tried Keto, persisted with it for a while, and inevitabley, every single last one of them got ‘bored’ of the ridiculously limited food choices available. Very obvious. Very predictable.


This was the same for his sisters, aunties, cousins etc. The same outcome every time. I’ve seen this myself a lot, also.


Then of course you know what happens don’t you? They start deviating away from the stupid, insane diet, as all humans eventually will do with scarcity-based food plans, and they start chasing carb sources.


This defeats the entire purpose of low-carb diets. It’s yet more evidence that they don’t work. As I’ve been saying for years:


Low-carb diets will get you lean. You will lose fat on them. But you won’t stick to such stupid eating patterns long-term, because the vast majority of food has some carbs in it; therefore by default, you’re putting a lot of rules and restrictions on yourself, limiting your lifestyle and happiness, and these rules will be shattered. And so will your heart, lol. Kind of joking. Sort of.


A far better solution is to learn how to get lean whilst still allowing yourself to eat more than 20g of carbs (apparently I was wrong about 50g; it’s 20g I’ve been informed, which is even more insane haha).




I eat at least 100g of carbs per day, even when I’m almost 8% body fat and really ‘tightening the belt’ so to speak. As I said in this article, the authors of Keto find it far easier to tell people they’re ‘Insulin Resistant’ rather than the truth – that they’re astoundingly lazy OR greedy. Or both.


Learn how to consume carbs properly and have some damn discipline.


Ronnie Coleman Is In A Wheelchair. Heavy Lifting Will Disable You!!!


It’s true. Guys will look at Ronnie, see the muscle, then the wheelchair and think:


“OMG OMG OMG, if I lift heavy & gain musclez then I’ll get TOO BIG™ and end up in a wheelchair like Ronnie OMG OMG OMG”


Without realising that that level of muscle is not from lifting weights. It has nothing to do with it. When we’re talking freakish levels of muscle mass, we’re likely talking:


  • Multiple grams of testosterone
  • Loads of tren
  • Dianabol
  • Deca
  • HGH
  • Insulin (!!!)




Heavy lifting won’t put you in a wheelchair.


Don’t Gain Too Much Fat In The First Place!


Paul makes a very good point here about lean-bulking and gaining fat. He says that you will always gain a little fat when bulking – it’s inevitable. And this is 100% true.


But a great point here is when he talks about the metabolic component of bulking and gaining muscle. There is absolutely a long-term benefit, metabolically to slowly gaining muscle. Specifically; it will raise your baseline (BMR) number of calories required to maintain, which makes it easier to lose fat in the future (because you can eat more).


This is very important long-term stuff.


This is why I tell guys to have maintenance periods in between periods of shredding. Because on a similar note, it recovers any damange to your metabolism. It makes your life easier in the long-run.


But you will ruin this metabolic benefit if you gain too much fat along with it. This is specifically because you’re going to have to lose all of this again at some point in the future. And if you have loads of the stuff, it’s going to require an extended period of time in a caloric deficit. And you know what spending loads of time dieting does for your metabolism, don’t you?


It wrecks havoc on it.


Don’t gain too much fat during a bulk in the first place.


There you go; 3 quick but incredibly useful fat loss tips for you. Try them and your fat loss results will improve – get to work.


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